Spark Festival 2023 | Aug 16-30

Spark Festival 2020

Spark Festival is Australia's largest event for startups, innovators and entrepreneurs. Since 2016 we’ve celebrated entrepreneurship everywhere, bringing people and organisations of the startup world together to imagine and create new, exciting, valuable, and successful ventures.

This year's Spark Festival will run from October 12 to 23 with an all-new, online Australia-wide format. Whether you're looking for the inspiration to get started, the learnings you'll need to start and grow a business, or the connections who will help you make it happen, you'll find it all at Spark Festival.

This year's program will be delivered by the people with the runs on the board in the Australian startup ecosystem. Make sure you tune in and soak up as much knowledge and community as you can. Full program and registration opening in September: get on Weekly Sparks to be the first to hear about it.

Looking to align your brand with startups and innovation across Australia? Get in touch about our partnership opportunities.

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This year's theme: We Are Agents of Change

20 years into the 21st century, Australia faces challenges which are unprecedented in their nature and scale.

Unstoppable global trends - the 4th Industrial Revolution and the growth of digital economies - are re-shaping the landscape for industry and jobs.

The effects of climate change – prolonged periods of drought, plus long and destructive bushfire seasons – are being felt across the country, with particularly devastating consequences for regional Australia.

And we are now also facing a global pandemic that challenges both our health system and our economy.

If we are to maintain and improve our standard of living, wages and social welfare safety net, the Australian economy needs to identify and foster new sources of growth.

together apart

The “born-digital” generation is coming of age and driving a can-do, problem-solving, purpose-driven, entrepreneurial zeitgeist. It's time to unlock the genius and resilience in our society, throw open the doors and leave no-one behind.

We ARE Agents of Change.

This year we're transforming our grassroots festival into a fully online experience, and in the process opening it up to people and organisations everywhere to get involved and contribute to the conversation, the knowledge-sharing, the connection-making.

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