Our Community's Code of Conduct

We are inclusive, striving for diversity across age, culture, race, ability, sexuality, gender and income in all our events and programs.

We create environments in which all our attendees feel welcome and comfortable, their contribution appreciated.

We are open and friendly with each other because we know that this is how strong networks are built. We respect each others’ boundaries.

We bring our best selves and our good intentions. And we assume good intentions in others.

We proactively educate and raise awareness before incidents happen. At all our events, you will find a warm and approachable point of contact, and clear avenues through which you can share concerns and feedback, confidentially and without judgment.

We’ve got each others’ back: when we see behaviour not in keeping with this code of conduct, we call it out.

We share our knowledge, our experience, our opinions. We listen to each other and value an open platform on which everyone’s voice can be heard. We challenge each other respectfully and constructively.

When we make a contribution to the conversation we set our ego aside, we are self aware and respect each others’ time.

We acknowledge that we are not perfect and that sometimes we will fall short of the ideals in this code of conduct. But positivity drives our response when we do, as imperfections and shortcomings are opportunities when received with optimism.

We are excellent to one another. We know that building a startup community is not a zero-sum game in which there are winners and losers: we are the rising tide that lifts all the boats.

Speaking and behaving in a way that goes against the spirit of this code of conduct will result in your being denied access to all of the Spark Festival online experiences.

Download this Code of Conduct as a Printable PDF