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Emotional Resilience and Leadership During Uncertainty

ONLINE | City of Sydney | 12.00-1.00PM AEDT

Learn the leadership, emotional intelligence and resilience tactics from Google’s top executive training program with Craig Davis of Sendle.


MQi Educate - Entrepreneurial Leadership

ONLINE | Macquarie University Incubator | 10.00-11.30AM AEDT

This is a session aimed at startups, founders and innovators that are looking to improve their leadership skills and have a more entrepreneurial approach when managing teams.

Liam Ridgeway, Co-Founder at NGNY

ONLINE | The Studio | 12.00-12.30PM AEDT

NGNY is a 100% Aboriginal owned and operated digital media business founded by Liam Ridgeway - Gumbaynggirr + Wakka Wakka- and John Saulo - Wergaia + Gunditjmara. They are Supply Nation certified, an affiliate member of the NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce and a Certified B-Corporation. NGNY's work ranges from graphic design, web & mobile app development, CRM integration, website hosting & security and digital marketing.

Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

ONLINE | ACU | 12.30-1.30PM AEDT

NLP helps raise self-awareness to our habitual way of being and shows us how we can change so we can achieve our goals and tap into our full potential.

Sydney Entrepreneurship Fair

198 Pitt Street | Academy of Entrepreneurs | 4.30-7.30PM AEDT

Don't miss the Entrepreneurs' fair in Sydney, an opportunity to network, get your brand out there, share experiences and meet like minded individuals!

Info Night | Swinburne Accelerator Program

ONLINE | Swinburne | 5.00-6.00PM AEDT

Learn more about the Swinburne Accelerator Program and ask your burning questions at their Info Night.

Stepping up to CTO

ONLINE | Antler | 5.30PM AEDT

Stepping up to CTO is a panel session in which the audience can hear from those who have done it, and made very successful careers for themselves, and can act as a great way to give yourself a kickstart.

Innovate Orange - March Meetup

The Lord Anson | Innovate Orange | 5.30-7.30PM AEDT

This meetup will focus on discussing the use of drones in agriculture, as well as rocketry.

Innovate Like a Startup Founder

ONLINE | Sydney School of Entrepreneurship | 7.00-7.45PM AEDT

Every new business starts with an idea. Whether you are making candles in your kitchen, starting an online retail business, or developing a big idea that could change someone’s life, at SSE you can test and explore your ideas with expert insight.


Seizing the AI Opportunity in Australia

ONLINE | Innovation Bay | 7.45-9.00AM AEDT

By automating areas like customer experience, forecasting, content creation, digital advertising, hiring and cybersecurity, startups are able to operate at new levels of efficiency, accuracy and intelligence.

FireTech 2021 Technology & Innovation Expo

ONLINE | FireTech Connect | 9.00AM-1.30PM AEDT

The FireTech 2021 Technology & Innovation Expo brings together Tech, Industry, Emergency service agencies, Research and Government to showcase the latest technology and Innovation in the firetech sector and provide insights from sector experts like Shane Fitzsimmons.

Your Online Brand 2.0

ONLINE | NSW Treasury | 9.30AM AEDT

Once you have uncovered your brand, what can you do to take your stand out online brand to the next level? This online workshop is all about ACTION.

Leveraging Productivity for Growth with Adam Jelic

ONLINE | Luna | 12.00PM AEDT

How do you set practical, achievable goals? And what’s the best way to turn those goals into reality? Sometimes, just being accountable to yourself is the biggest hurdle.

How to Take Your Startup Global

ONLINE | Tank Stream Labs | 1.00-2.00PM AEDT

TSL have gathered a panel of experts who will be speaking about overseas expansion, what considerations need to be taken when going global, and common mistakes made.

Preparing for 2021

ONLINE | MYOB & SmartCompany | 2.00-3.00PM AEDT

Attend this free webcast from MYOB and SmartCompany to discover how to understand the most impactful financial reviews you can undertake and plan for a changing future.

How to Start Your Own Business / Startup / Side Hustle

ONLINE | BlueChilli | 5.30-6.30PM AEDT

Whether you're looking to leave your job and start your own business, you're a stay-at-home mum with a great idea, you're out of work and want to work for yourself, or you want to create a startup on the side to make some extra money ... BlueChilli can help you figure out where to start!

Startup Funding

ONLINE | Standard Ledger | 5.30-7.30PM AEDT

Startup funding is a cash hustle requiring you to access different types of funding at different stages, to support your growth. This in-person workshop will run through the key funding sources that startups use to survive and grow.

Circular Economy Futures Meetup

Brisbane + ONLINE | World's Biggest Garage Sale | 5.30-7.30PM AEDT

Meetup around all things circular economy, this month featuring Camille Socquet-Clerc of Bloom Impact Investing, David Paynter of the Gold Coast Tool Library and Yas Grigaliunis of The Worlds Biggest Garage Sale.

Interface & Application Programming Workshop

ONLINE | Cicada Innovations | Multi-Day Event

This module will focus on a best practice approach needed to develop an application that interfaces a user with an output device. The course will cover programming in python, web development (HTML, CSS, Javascript) and touch on embedded programming and Arduino.


Learn how to Start and Grow Your Side Hustle

ONLINE | Fishburners | 9.00AM-5.00PM AEDT

This full-day, design thinking workshop will inspire, empower and develop your creative confidence to start your side hustle, get a new idea off the ground at work or start a new business.

FireTech 2021 Global Technology Innovation Expo

ONLINE | FireTech Connect | 10.00AM-2.30PM AEDT

Explore how new innovations and technology can build community resilience against catastrophic fire events.

Investing Opportunities in Recycling and the Circular Economy

ONLINE | Impact Investing & Sustainable Finance | 11.00AM-12.00PM AEDT

In Australia, a Circular Economy can also ensure Australia’s future prosperity and economic security by expanding our reliance beyond mining raw and unprocessed natural resources.

Kristi Mansfield: Doing the Numbers on Our $100 Billion Not for Profit Sector

ONLINE | The Studio | 12.00-12.30PM AEDT

Kristi Mansfield, Co-Founder and CEO of Seer Data & Analytics, envisions radically transforming the social services sector by empowering grassroots people to use and share data.

Where's My Quantum Computer

ONLINE | Cicada Innovations | 12.00-1.00PM AEDT

What can quantum computers do for us? How can they make our lives and our economy better?

Boosting Female Founders Info Session: Matched Funding Grants

ONLINE | iAccelerate | 12.00-1.00PM AEDT

The Boosting Female Founders Initiative provides grant funds, on a matched basis of between $25,000 and $400,000. Join AusIndustry’s Peter Masterson and iAccelerate’s Chris Petersilge to find out more.

An MBA Director's Guide to Business Models

ONLINE | Fishburners | 12.00-1.00PM AEDT

In this workshop, join MBA Director, Guy Ford, as he delivers a workshop on revenue streams, cost structures, and the practice of business modeling.

Deep Dive into Digital Health: MedTech Startup Panel

ONLINE | University of Sydney | 12.30PM AEDT

The panel will discuss the trends they are seeing in medtech and digital health and how entrepreneurs and investors can make the most out of this growing market opportunity.

Startup&Angels Melbourne #9

ONLINE | Startup&Angels | 6.00-8.30PM AEDT

The event consists of sharp presentations by startup founders, 1 advisor and 1 investor followed by a networking evening.


7 Steps to Business Start-Up

ONLINE | NSW Treasury | 10.00AM AEDT

The online world is crowded with components of information that confuses the business starter. Understanding where the online chatter fits in the essential steps of starting a business enabled new businesses to fast track the businesses start-up.

Retail Innovation Program - Adapt & Advance Series

ONLINE | City of Sydney | 10.00AM AEDT

The City of Sydney’s Retail Innovation Program has been instrumental in helping local businesses think differently, innovate their business models and embrace new trends by working with leading entrepreneurs.

The Studio Tour

Sydney Startup Hub | The Studio | 12.00-1.00PM AEDT

What kind of startups are in the space? Is it a good fit for you? What is included in your membership?

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