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Free Introduction to Coding: HTML & CSS

Sydney CBD / General Assembly / 3.00-5.00PM

Step into the world of web development with General Assembly. During this introductory workshop, explore the building blocks of the web — HTML and CSS — and learn how you can apply these programming languages to develop your own simple sites.

Startup Maths: Intro to Startup Equity, Valuations

Sydney CBD / Tank Stream Labs @ Bridge St / 5.30-7.30PM

This session will help you understand how equity works initially and over multiple rounds as you’re raising capital.

Earth Day: Building a Sustainable Future

Sydney CBD / Cultivate @ Kent St / 6.00-8.00PM

In celebration of Earth Day, join General Assembly to explore sustainability and how business and tech impact the health of the planet. Hear from experts in environmental entrepreneurship, corporate sustainability, and B Corporations who will share their insights into how the industry can impact the environment.


Unleash the Power of LinkedIn Content Creation

Sydney CBD / General Assembly / 6.00-8.00PM

Competing in a global arena due to the connectivity of the world, how do we stand out? How do we achieve professional prosperity? How do we increase the profitability of our endeavors?


Free Introduction to Digital Marketing

Sydney CBD / General Assembly / 12.30-2.30PM

Step into the world of digital marketing with General Assembly. During our introductory workshop, explore the components of brand building and see how modern marketers drive successful campaigns using content, email, social media, paid advertising channels, and more.

Friday Night Networking

Sydney Startup Hub / Fishburners / 5.00-8.00PM

Every Friday night from 5pm, Fishburners opens its doors up to the rest of the Sydney startup ecosystem.

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