Spark Health at Spark

Our program this year brings you over 100 events happening from October 10 to 27. In 2019 we are including health and wellbeing activities, plus some innovation showcase in this field.

Health innovation precincts in Australia are re-imagining health, education and research undertaken at individual and collaborative ways. These are contributing to longer and healthier lives, through improvements in technology, diagnostics and treatments.

Here at Spark we are aware that healthy people are almost three times more effective at work. When you practice mindfulness and maintain positive changes, you find it easier to realise the potential of your business, achieve your ambitions and attain the skills to succeed in the jobs of the future.

So this October, come along with your team and spark health at Spark!

Health and Innovation Showcase

October 10, Liverpool

The Liverpool Innovation Precinct will host a networking, drinks and medical innovation showcase. You can discover support and networks available to startups and entrepreneurs, tour the labs of the Liverpool Innovation Precinct and the Ingham Research Institute, and explore opportunities to connect. The evening will finish with drinks and networking.

Mental Health Day for Entrepreneurs + Their Teams

October 10, Sydney CBD

This World Mental Health Day, acquire practical, implementable, mental and emotional wellbeing skills in order to further your business' success. Participants will learn strategies to develop and maintain the resilience and clarity required to run a successful business. 

Designing for Mental Wellbeing at Work

October 12, Sydney CBD

Are you interested in improving mental health at work and in design thinking? Have you ever wanted to learn how to create a prototype from scratch? Join OpenIDEO Sydney Chapter for a rapid-fire & hands-on design sprint where you’ll learn & use the techniques of human-centered design to create a prototype to improve mental well-being at work.

Improve the Third

October 18, Sydney CBD

The second Improve the Third will be focused on growth and resilience. Every day, founders and startups are met with challenges and difficult decisions. It is in the way we respond to these adversities that dictates how we move forward and our long-term success

Nature Bathing on the Bondi to Manly Walk

October 14, Manly Beach

Nature Connection walks are the antidote to our high-stress, fast-paced modern lives.  Also known as nature or forest therapy, this restorative nature walking is informed by the Japanese practice of "Shinrin Yoku," or “Forest Bathing”. A nature connection walk is not a strenuous hike, or informative naturalist walk. Rather, it is an opportunity to slow down and allow nature to enter your body through all your senses.

So You Want to Start a Business

October 15, Sydney CBD

Are you thinking about starting a business of your own? Maybe you have a side hustle and you're keen to take that up a notch or more. Hear from three successful founders from the health and wellbeing industry about how to get started, how to work with influencers, where to focus your energy and your time, and how to avoid the pitfalls. 

Innovation in Global Health

October 24, Newtown

Social entrepreneurs and innovators have a big part of play in reducing the burden of global health challenges. Innovative thinking, advances in technology, and new healthcare tools can fundamentally change the way healthcare is delivered and can improve the health of millions of people. Join The George Institute for Global Health and Genovate to explore the impact that innovation and social entrepreneurship can have on healthcare around the world.

The Neuroscience of Leadership Workshop

October 24, Sydney CBD

This session will provide you with all the brain hacks you need to be an effective leader who truly enables and empowers their team to achieve any outcome with ease.

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