Practice Your Pitch

Practice Your Pitch
Date and Time
12:30pm — 1:15pm AEDT
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How-to, Getting Started
Have you got your elevator pitch nailed? Are you confident in describing what your business does?
Pitching your business and articulating exactly what it is you do and why it's unique and amazing is an essential skill for every business owner.
For this reason Mums & Co is hosting monthly Practice Your Pitch Sessions - to help you nail that pitch first time around and always make the best impression.
What is this event?
Every business owner needs to be able to effectively articulate what their business does in a few sentences. This event is a chance for you to practice your elevator pitch within a supportive environment and get tips and feedback on how to nail this important business skill. You will also have the opportunity to meet other business owner women and work together with individual feedback and coaching tips from Mums & Co CEO Carrie Kwan, and participants to perfect each other’s pitches.
What will I take away?
You will have the opportunity to practice your pitch twice during the session and receive feedback. You’ll walk away with tips on how to refine your elevator pitch and the knowledge and confidence that you’ve refined your pitch with a supportive brainstrust.
How many people will be there?
Places are limited to four members for this event. This gives all attendees the opportunity to be heard and get the most out of the session.
Who is this for?
This event is for all business owners, no matter what stage of business you’re in.
About Mums & Co
Mums & Co is the movement supporting business owning mothers to start, stay and scale their business while raising a family. Business owning and entrepreneurially curious women are invited to this friendly and flexible Spark 2021 event for inspirational stories and practical tips to help you unapologetically blend motherhood and ambition. For all information and to register for this event please visit and for any assistance email

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