What is Spark Festival?

Spark Festival is a two week program of events and activities covering all things startup, innovation and entrepreneurship. Now in its 4th year, the festival brings together people, ideas & resources across the entire ecosystem, to connect, share, learn and inspire.

The 2017 program included over 100 events covering topics from Fintech to Social Enterprise, AI to Blockchain, HealthTech to VR and everything in between. With over 9000 attendees from all stages of the startup journey, Spark Festival 2017 was an incredible showcase for the size and diversity of the local startup ecosystem.

When's the next Spark Festival?

Spark Festival 2018 will run from October 19 to November 2, across all of Sydney and in locations throughout all of NSW. If you're keen to get involved, shoot through an email and let's talk!

Spark Festival Values and Objectives

Spark Festival had inclusiveness and diversity built in from the start, and this always shines through in our program: alongside events for people already working in the startup sector, there are numerous opportunities for those who are curious to find out what it's all about to take a peek and see where their skills might find a new home.

Spark Festival is a project of Spark Festival Ltd, a not for profit whose objectives are to

  • provide opportunities for individuals of diverse background, age and gender to pursue and succeed in a career of entrepreneurship through events and other activities
  • connect entrepreneurs, industry groups, government and service providers, leading to the growth of vibrant startup communities across Australia
  • position Australia as a leading startup nation, fostering, attracting and retaining globally- recognised, talented individuals
  • support with industry development to help transition Australia’s industries towards a digital and technology future
  • help to provide training and awareness and skills for individuals of all ages, primary & secondary children and workers from any industry to help retrain and transition to new industries

As a not for profit, Spark Festival is guided and supported by its board.

And keeping it all together is Program Director, Maxine Sherrin, the person to speak to if you'd like to get involved in 2018!