Speed Mentors

On the day, you'll be able to sign up for some one on one time with these interesting speed mentors who can help you get started, and keep going, with your purpose-driven venture.

Meet our mentors

Adam Mostogl

Adam is passionate about embracing creative and innovative solutions to common problems, with experience across a wide variety of industry areas. As the CEO & Chief Entrepreneur of The Van Diemen Project, every single day is focused on making opportunities matter - through helping more people start businesses with confidence, supporting existing businesses to grow and be resilient in these changing times, kickstarting social enterprises, running engaging workshops and events as well as private advisory work to help larger organisations change for the better.

Harikesh Pushpapathan

A Venture Analyst at Stoic VC, Harikesh has also co-founded a Healthtech startup & enjoyed multiple stints across VC & Corporate Advisory.

Marlowe Mackenzie

Marlowe is Head of Operations at Catalysr & Catalysr X, a not-for-profit organisation that runs intensive entrepreneurship programs for migrants and refugees in Australia.

Omar Najjar

As the Co-Founder of Innovation Drive, which houses a Hardware Incubator, Omar specializes in new product development, development and implementation of innovative ideas, and networking opportunities that allow their team of mentors to expand. Innovation Drive empowers everyday inventors to bring their product to life.

Remco Marcelis

Remco lives and breathes startups. He's not your typical accountant, which is why he founded Standard Ledger - an accounting firm dedicated to them. On paper, he's a chartered professional accountant with an advanced MBA degree from the University of Adelaide, and a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. In practice he's an investor and managing partner in his own startup, CFO and virtual CFO for a number of startup and grownup business and he's teaching and mentoring entrepreneurs at General Assembly, the University of Adelaide, Techstars Adelaide and more.

Sarah Curtis-Fawley

Director of Programs at SBE Australia, Sarah thrives on solving complex problems, identifying opportunities to build capacity and capabilities, and translating ideas into action and purpose into profit. Her goal is to highlight opportunities and options to amplify inclusion for female entrepreneurs.

Shahe Momdjian

Shahe Momdjian has worked with hundreds of early-stage startups over the past 10 years as a communications advisor and content producer, startup program manager and coach at UNSW, and Entrepreneur-in-Residence at a Sydney high school. He regularly assists accelerator and pre-accelerator programs, pitch competitions and individual startups as a pitch coach, and loves helping founders discover their own "gift of the gab."

Shruti Rai

Shruti Rai has spent the last 9+ years applying her approach of research-driven experience design and strategy to address human needs, across a variety of award winning products and services. She's motivated by the endless possibilities of a better community, created by the convergence of culture, human behaviour, design and technology. Always aiming to champion solutions that looks beyond the obvious biases so that more people can benefit from better design, and in turn help businesses grow and succeed.

Vanessa Firth

Chief Executive Officer at SBO Financial, Vanessa is an operations and finance professional with over 20 years experience working with both small and large businesses. Vanessa has a track record of business improvement that has allowed stakeholders to focus on running their business safe in the knowledge that finance and operations are finally under control.