October 12-23: We Are Agents of Change

Hardware & Manufacturing at SparkFest

Whether you're a backyard inventor looking to turn an idea into a product, or just keen to know more about exciting local hardware startups, you'll find your spark at Spark!

The segments below are part of Spark Festival, Australia's largest event for startups, innovators and entrepreneurs. Register here to gain access to the full livestream, running daily from Oct 12 - 23, and check out the full two week program here.

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12 October,
10:10am — 11:00am AEDT

Breaking the Mold: Daring to Disrupt

As agents of change, entrepreneurs are often trying to make big, daring, incredible visions come true to change their industries, and the world. What makes an idea disruptive? What makes one idea dangerously disruptive and another dangerously bad? How can you make real, positive change and build effective business that can transform industries?

In this panel we’ll speak to Benjamin Young of frank green, Jess Dadon of Twoobs, and Erika Geraerts of Fluff about their unique journeys, not only growing their disruptive ideas into sustainable businesses but simultaneously flipping their respective industries on their heads.

13 October,
6:40pm — 7:00pm AEDT

The Startup Journey: Binsense

Waste contamination is a global problem and individual, councils/government organisations and private sector are constantly working towards addressing this. But there is a lack of understanding of how to effectively address this and reduce the impact on our environment. Stakeholders at all levels need to address this so we can put measures in place to reduce consumption, improve waste management practice at source be an individual or an organisation and work towards creating a circular economy.

15 October,
2:00pm — 2:50pm AEDT

Hardware and AI: New Opportunities Beyond Borders

The current environment (political, economic, or otherwise) has created significant tumult for entrepreneurs. With significant changes in the economy, locally as well as globally, supply chains have been significantly disrupted, and they will remain so for a long time. However, every adversity brings opportunity. Join Sunil Panchbhai (Former Head of R&D, LG Electronics, India), Nathan Plummer (Director of Partnerships, Venture Cafe Sydney) for a discussion around interactions and meaningful connectivity across borders, moderated by Anand Tamboli.
• How small businesses, including startups, can survive and thrive under these circumstances?
• How to find new opportunities beyond borders? What kind of opportunities exists?
• What type of support is available locally to explore beyond border avenues safely?

15 October,
3:00pm — 3:20pm AEDT

Stagekings: World Class Stages to WFH Office Furniture…in 48 hours

Stagekings, an Australian staging company specialising in structures for festivals and corporate events, have gone from facing an indefinite closure due to Covid-19 public gathering restrictions, to becoming one of the biggest success stories of 2020.
Within hours of the restrictions being put in place on Friday 13th March, the company’s bookings calendar cleared of millions of dollars’ worth of work, and Jeremy began the painful process of laying off staff. In a moment of creative ingenuity though, Stagekings changed tack and used the equipment on hand to build flat-packed, no-tool assembly desks for the tens of thousands of people suddenly working from home. In doing so Stagekings has put on more than 70 new employees (all out of work event crew), donated more than $60,000 to Support Act – The Heart and Hand of Australian Music, and produced more than 20,000 pieces of furniture.

15 October,
3:30pm — 3:50pm AEDT

How Swoop Aero is Driving Innovation and Creating the Future of Air Logistics

Swoop Aero transforms the way the world moves essential supplies. We are an Australian born and bred company with a global reach, bringing healthcare logistics into the 21st century by deploying two-way drone networks. Our managed air transport service provides access to the skies to ensure the sustainable, safe and reliable provision of essential health supplies. Unmanned vehicles are at the heart of the next significant shift in supply chain logistics. We are driving this change. From the UN to USAid and the Gates Foundation, we are trusted to create value by sustainably transforming health supply chains across three continents and five countries. We want to close the gap in healthcare access, and our goal is to service 100 million people by 2025.

The presentation address will outline how the Swoop Aero medical drone logistics solution is catalysing the development of tomorrow's health supply chain.

15 October,
5:00pm — 8:00pm AEDT

From Idea to Scale - How to go from Hardware Startup to Advanced Manufacturing here in Australia

This very special segment will be delivered over Venture Cafe Sydney's interactive networking platform: REGISTER HERE

Learn the tricks and heed the lessons from the hardware trailblazers. From fleshing out your idea with customer discovery through to building your first generation device, what - and more importantly who - do you need to know to build a successful hardware company!

Join Venture Cafe Sydney for an evening of insights and interactivity with plenty of time to ask the tough questions. Agenda includes:

• Keynote: State of Hardware in Australia

• Getting Started

• Prototyping and MVP, ANFF Facilities and Capabilities

• Funding and Crowdsourcing

• Design for manufacture

• Manufacturing: local & international case studies

It's time to get excited about hardware and manufacturing in Australia! Don't forget to Register Here.

21 October,
11:20am — 11:50am AEDT

Startup Stories: Iron Matrix

Why do we work? Why do we innovate? Why are we here? These questions led David Morgan on a journey which involved quitting his 20-year career in the oil and gas industry and resulted in the energy start-up, Iron Matrix. At the intersection of the energy and construction industries, Iron Matrix is on a mission to change the way the world sees and interacts with energy generation, storage and use. Each phase of Iron Matrix’s development has been underscored by the fundamental reality that everything we do and need in life requires energy.

22 October,
3:00pm — 3:30pm AEDT

Startup Story: Lactamo

The evidence is conclusive: breastmilk is the best nutrition you can offer a newborn. Yet, despite the importance of breastfeeding, most Mothers experience problems.
Lactamo is a ‘lactation aid’ for breastfeeding mothers which addresses the key problems associated with breastfeeding.
Tune in for an inspiring story of a social enterprise success and hear how Lactamo was successful in securing Government grant funding, and has had major partnership and endorsement offers from key industry leaders.

22 October,
3:40pm — 4:00pm AEDT

How we grew Urban Plant Growers while working full-time jobs

The founders of Urban Plant Growers have had full time jobs for most of the company's history. Limited time forged the belief that they shouldn't build anything that doesnt need to be built, leading them to find a range of simple software solutions and develop rock-solid processes that have helped them to run an efficient hardware business. If you're thinking about starting up, but not sure about quitting your day job, this is a session for you.

22 October,
4:10pm — 4:40pm AEDT

Building Your Brand on Amazon: from Australia to The World

Learn about the tools and services available to product-based brand owners through the Amazon Launchpad program, from ensuring safe and authentic buying experiences for your customers, to showcasing your unique story and product features with branded content.

22 October,
7:10pm — 8:00pm AEDT

Inventions Demo Day/Kickstarter Pre-Sales

Invention is providing the opportunity for any Australian to start a business and have their first customer be anywhere in the world. There are literally thousands of Australians who are designing in their bedrooms, tinkering in their garage, working on their business and dreaming of selling to the world. We’re bringing you some of them as Sydney Hardware Incubator launches