October 12-23: We Are Agents of Change

Getting Started at SparkFest

Got a great idea but don't know where to start? Looking to bring that side-hustle to life? Spark Festival's got you covered. Check out our upcoming program segments on getting started below, add them to your calendar, and shoot through a registration: it's free!

The segments below are part of Spark Festival, Australia's largest event for startups, innovators and entrepreneurs. Running from Oct 12 - 23, check out the full two week program here.

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12 October,
8:00am — 8:30am AEDT

Seven Steps to Building a Business with Cult Status

Consumers have changed, and the businesses that form around them are principled, purposeful and creative. Junkee Media's Co-Founder & Publisher Tim Duggan recently released his first book, Cult Status, that's rocketed to Number 1 on several bestsellers' lists. In this talk, he'll share the lessons from studying hundreds of successful entrepreneurs and changemakers over the last decade to uncover what they all have in common. Tim will share insights from his entrepreneurial journey building award-winning digital media titles and from dozens of research studies over a decade and a half to show you how to build a business with a passionate community around it.

12 October,
8:40am — 9:00am AEDT

I’ve thought of a startup idea... What next?

In this Webinar Ben Kennedy, Founder & CEO of Gecko will go through the process of how to validate your startup idea and ensure that you’re not wasting time and money on your idea.

Ben will discuss how important it is to begin with solving a problem, what validation really means, how to differentiate from your competitors, and finding your why.

13 October,
10:40am — 11:10am AEDT

Founders' Identity: 10 Tips on How to be Found

Achieving product-market fit and gaining sales momentum is the most challenging aspect of the startup journey. Being a founder is more than just founding a company, it is also about developing a personal brand and avatar with a presence that allows you to be 'found' rather than requiring you to find others. This keynote session will cover the top ten insights into developing a founders identity.
The session is applicable to everyone and covers content given in the first module of the nandin entrepreneurial learning program. Whether you are a student, postgrad, startup CEO, or seasoned professional, there's something in this session for you.

13 October,
4:10pm — 4:30pm AEDT

Find Your Impact: An Interactive Virtual Experience

2020 has left many of us reeling. From devastating bushfires to a worldwide campaign against systemic racism, and a global pandemic that has brought unprecedented challenges to our health system and economy, we’re facing a season of rapid change unlike any other. What better time than now to be working together to develop the world of the future? Find out how you can create positive impact and contribute to Australia’s economic recovery using UTS Startups' Find My Impact virtual experience.

14 October,
10:40am — 11:10am AEDT

Why No Code Tools are Great for Your Next MVP

42% of startups failed because the products they built is not wanted by the market. (CB Insights). In addition, most early-stage founders take months to release their first version of the product to its beta customers. At the end of the day, too many founders could be wasting their time and money to build the things that are not wanted. This trend has got to stop!
I want to share with people there is a quicker and more economic way to get your first version of the product created, which is building your MVP using no code tools! I want to use my segment to share with early-stage founders, especially the ones who do not have a technical background, what could a no-code tool create for a MVP and resources to learn more about using no code tools. At the end of the segment, I hope the participants could feel empowered that they know the tools that could help them validate their product idea quickly and more economically.

14 October,
12:00pm — 12:50pm AEDT

Setting Better Boundaries: Why Governance is More Important Than Funding

Deciding what is and isn't ok inside your startup will define every single decision from that moment on. Creating a process to align your business objectives with those decisions / values is the single most valuable activity any founder can undertake.

15 October,
9:00am — 9:45am AEDT

Tools for building a simple website to validate your idea

Got a great idea for a business and want to see if there's a market for it? Tune into this segment to learn:
• A methodology and tools anyone can use to design and build a custom single page scrolling website in a day. No design or coding experience required.
• How to validate website designs with prospective visitors: A practical walkthrough of some tools that can be used to validate the designs created through the methods described above by performing usability testing with prospective visitors.

15 October,
9:55am — 10:40am AEDT

Get it Right the First Time and You Won't Need to Look Back

As a solicitor of many years experience, Shauna Jarrett is here to tell you that the most important thing a startup, new business, entrepreneur-to-be or innovator should do is get their legal structure right. By setting up an appropriate legal framework at the beginning, you can protect yourself, your assets, your IP and your reputation from the vicissitudes of the start-up/innovation roller coaster. Get the framework right and you can get on with the fun stuff.

15 October,
11:20am — 11:50am AEDT

Patience Kills (Innovation)

The CEO of Australia’s leading tech and innovation hub, Farley Blackman, will discusses why patience, in business, isn’t a virtue to embrace. While patience is important, when driving change to create value, it’s a showstopper. This fireside chat will centre around the mindset and leadership style needed to challenge the status quo, innovate and create sustained value.

Farley will share anecdotes from his varied experiences – growing small businesses to being an executive at some of the world’s largest companies (BP, Motorola, GE). He will deliver advice on how to lead innovation with an action and ROI-based mindset, share when it is right to exercise patience and break down when patience is definitely not good for business.

This talk is perfect for any founders and leaders within the startup, scaleup and corporate innovation landscape, in Australia and from around the world. Farley hopes, attendees will leave with an urgency to propel their businesses forward through action and innovation by challenging the status quo.

20 October,
8:00am — 8:50am AEDT

The Sustainable Path to $100M: Lessons from ActiveCampaign's Growth

Many people believe startups must be high-risk, high-reward, and that the chase for big valuations and unicorn status justifies "moving fast and breaking things" at the expense of employees, customers, and long-term outcomes. But what if you could grow a successful $100M business in a more sustainable way? Join Jason VandeBoom to hear how he scaledActiveCampaign to 100k customers across 161 countries, without sacrificing business optionality, employee loyalty or customer retention. Learn the secrets to making customer experience the #1 priority, and what unexpected strategies helped ActiveCampaign forge its own path to success.

20 October,
1:35pm — 2:20pm AEDT

Bootstrapping Governance

First it’s market testing, then proof of concept, then you actually have to launch it, find people willing to work for you, pay them, find investors, find accountants … the list goes on. At the bottom of the list (if at all), is doing it all within a framework of good corporate governance. We get it, it’s not a priority right now. However, there will come a time where it’s at the top of your list.
Whether it’s your first capital raise or a dispute between shareholders, having good corporate governance will get you through to the other side. We know, setting up a governance framework sounds expensive and time-consuming, when money and time are the two things startups do not have!
In this seminar, we will show you how to tidy up your past practices and give you some tips going forward that won’t break the bank or take you days to implement.
Giselle Finnane and Fee Lal are corporate lawyers at Marque Lawyers and podcast hosts of Subtitles On. Join them in this seminar to learn some tips and tricks of how to implement and maintain a good corporate governance framework.

21 October,
9:00am — 9:45am AEDT

How Entrepreneurs Can Ensure They're Setup for Success

3 Entrepreneurs will be interviewed by SEVENMmile Venture Lab founder, Greg Twemlow in a deep into 3 vital aspects of a startup organization: Goals, Vision and Journey with Anne McKeown, Mentoring, Guidance and Support with Adam Fazzani, and Team, Talent and Skills with Therese Ravell

This event is perfect for new or established startups that have growth goals.

22 October,
3:40pm — 4:00pm AEDT

How we grew Urban Plant Growers while working full-time jobs

The founders of Urban Plant Growers have had full time jobs for most of the company's history. Limited time forged the belief that they shouldn't build anything that doesnt need to be built, leading them to find a range of simple software solutions and develop rock-solid processes that have helped them to run an efficient hardware business. If you're thinking about starting up, but not sure about quitting your day job, this is a session for you.