OCT 13-27 2021

Find My Spark 2020

Find My Spark 2020 was a workshop and masterclass series for high school students and their teachers: A free online program to start developing entrepreneurial skills and mindset and learn what's needed to turn an idea into a business.


Mon 12.10.20

Lead with Intent! A Masterclass for Students

12 October, 12:00pm — 12:45pm AEDT

Developing your character, your emotional and social intelligence will give you the confidence to separate yourself from the pack, have an entrepreneurial perspective on solving problems and lead with intent as you find the spark to your new-found journey.

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Own Your Story. Find Your Why.

12 October, 12:30pm — 1:15pm AEDT

The journey of a founder starts with finding yourself. In this session, we will explore different ways to uncover your own personal why and practice communicating your authentic self with the world in a powerful way.

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The Entrepreneurship Landscape Across Australia for K-12 Educators

12 October, 1:00pm — 1:45pm AEDT

Join us to explore the Entrepreneurial Education Landscape across Australia and how you can help your students benefit from the range of programs and solutions available.

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Finding Entrepreneurial Learning in the Curriculum

12 October, 4:30pm — 5:15pm AEDT

Using a lens of discovery and innovative project-based pedagogies, our expert panel will demonstrate where opportunities exist within the current curriculum and propose ways that entrepreneurial learning can occur without being in addition to a teacher's heavy workload.

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Tue 13.10.20

Spark Festival | Startup Advice That No One Wants to Hear

13 October, 12:00pm — 12:45pm AEDT

This workshop will touch on the business advice, tools and tricks that Nathaniel used to scale business as a teenage entrepreneur. Moreover, Nathaniel will share his lessons learnt since then from the art of the pivot to curious and consistent customer discovery.

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The art of thinking creatively: Developing an entrepreneurial mindset

13 October, 3:30pm — 4:15pm AEDT

Learn some new strategies to train your brain to think outside the box and problem solve. This workshop is designed for students to explore the soft skills required to develop an entrepreneurial mindset with a focus on creative thinking.

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Lead with Intent! A Masterclass for Teachers

13 October, 4:30pm — 5:15pm AEDT

Developing your character, your emotional and social intelligence will give you the confidence to separate yourself from the pack, have an entrepreneurial perspective on solving problems and lead with intent as you find the spark to your new-found journey.

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Wed 14.10.20

Demystifying Innovation: Adopting a lean startup approach in the classroom

14 October, 1:00pm — 1:45pm AEDT

This workshop introduces the innovation toolkit and sets the scene to amplify innovation methods into the teaching mindset. Our aim is to demystify innovation and the buzzwords that come with it, so that EVERYONE, not just entrepreneurs, can benefit from learning and applying these practices.

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Change the world in 30 minutes a day

14 October, 12:00pm — 12:30pm AEDT

Startup founders and facilitators, Tyler Thurston and Dan Smith from the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship, will help you work out how you can kickstart your entrepreneurial journey in just 30 minutes a day.

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You've Got Personality!

14 October, 3:30pm — 4:15pm AEDT

Have you ever wondered why you can easily relate to some people and not to others? Have you noticed how some people seem to naturally speak your language yet with others you find it hard just to get on the same page?

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Ideas Collider - Generating Challenges

14 October, 4:30pm — 5:15pm AEDT

At this workshop you will learn the steps to create an engaging, specific and relevant brief for your students to explore. You'll come away with the open sourced Ideas Collider pack and a simple methodology of breaking down a wicked problem and then presenting it in a way that probes curiosity and fosters an entrepreneurial mindset.

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Thu 15.10.20

What does resilience look like?

15 October, 12:00pm — 12:45pm AEDT

This workshop will explore the full dimensions of resilience and what it means to all of us as individuals. Students will have the opportunity to speak frankly about the challenges and triumphs they face.

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How to land a job at a rocketship startup

15 October, 12:30pm — 1:15pm AEDT

All this talk about entrepreneurship is inspiring, but also mind-bogglingly overwhelming for many students who are unsure of who they are, let alone how to create a billion dollar tech company by the time they leave high school.

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Entrepreneurship in the Classroom - The Delorean Project

15 October, 1:00pm — 1:45pm AEDT

In this masterclass, teachers will be given the opportunity to learn how we have implemented the entrepreneurship program at Glasshouse Christian College and most importantly, learn from our experiences of failure and success.

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Resilience - the highs and lows of teaching

15 October, 4:30pm — 5:15pm AEDT

This workshop will explore the full dimensions of resilience and what it means to all of us as individuals. Teachers will have the opportunity to speak frankly about the challenges and triumphs that the ‘new normal’ has presented and together we will investigate what real world actions teachers can take for the personal wellbeing of themselves and those around them.

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Fri 16.10.20

Innovation & Digital Health Case Study - Sound Scouts; gaming our way to a better hearing future

16 October, 12:00pm — 12:45pm AEDT

Motivated by the need to address the significant number of children starting school with undetected hearing loss, Carolyn has worked tirelessly for ten years to develop and deploy Sound Scouts, which is now an evidence based screening solution offered for free with the support of the Department of Health.

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Entrepreneurship Facilitator Program - Leveraging Partnerships

16 October, 1:00pm — 1:45pm AEDT

In this session we will identify a variety of support services and resources available to students and teachers who wish to explore entrepreneurship and make connections with industry, experts, and mentors.

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From Gaming to Greatness: How your hobby can become your business

16 October, 1:00pm — 1:45pm AEDT

Have you always wondered if you could make a living doing what you love? Do you wonder what the point of school really is? Do you know what's involved in building your own business? If you have asked yourself any of these questions then this session is for you.

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Engagement: Using Design Thinking to help students THINK DIFFERENT

16 October, 4:30pm — 5:15pm AEDT

Adaptable to both online and onsite environments, this masterclass will help in keeping your students engaged, focussed and invested in their learning journey. You will get a range of hands on, actionable and fun tips/tricks/ideas that can be applied immediately in your class.

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Sat 17.10.20

3D Printing for Beginners

17 October

Learn how to 3D print with Tinkertank at this fun online workshop for kids of all ages - even grownup ones! Let’s dive into 3D printing & learning to design and learn through an everyday and practical application of this wonderful technology. At the end you will have your own fun 3D printed name badge!

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Mon 19.10.20

Curiosity, Connection, Collaboration

19 October, 12:00pm — 12:45pm AEDT

In this online workshop we will be getting hands on with an action packed design sprint to look at how we can use technology in new and exciting ways to connect and collaborate now and into the future.

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Find My Spark Workshop - Articulating and Measuring the Behaviours that Define Entrepreneurship - Hard measures of "soft" skills

19 October, 1:00pm — 1:45pm AEDT

This workshop will review the behavioural competencies that characterise entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers, and describe how they can be measured and assessed in a way that is both systematic and meaningful.

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Coffee with Gen Z Entrepreneurs

19 October, 3:30pm — 4:15pm AEDT

As we move through and beyond these uncertain times we must allow our students to understand the power and opportunities that entrepreneurship brings. Have the chance to listen and ask questions to the stories of 5 incredibly courageous entrepreneurs who have pursued their dreams.

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19 October, 4:30pm — 5:15pm AEDT

This session provides teachers with an effective way to connect students with industry role models to inspire them & bring learning to life.

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Tue 20.10.20

Self regulation - Pursuing an idea and not being afraid to pivot

20 October, 12:00pm — 12:45pm AEDT

With a rapidly expanding digital economy, technology evolving at an exponential rate and start ups been the norm, we are faced with the necessity of rethinking the way we measure success, embrace change and 'pivot'.
Over 30 minutes you will be asked to consider how you measure success, reflect on how you approach new ideas and not being afraid to pivot.

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Embracing change - Emotional resilience to pivot

20 October, 1:00pm — 1:45pm AEDT

With a rapidly expanding digital economy, technology evolving at an exponential rate and start ups been the norm, we are faced with the necessity of rethinking the way we measure success and embrace change. Over 30 minutes you will be asked to switch from what you know in terms of measuring and assessing students success of an idea from a 'text book' methodology to a person centric approach.

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Leading With Style!

20 October, 5:30pm — 6:15pm AEDT

Great leaders know that leadership is a fluid practice. They also know their own unique leadership style is a product of unconscious bias. They know how to leverage their go-to style. But they’re also comfortable to flex and switch codes when contexts change.

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Wed 21.10.20

Design Thinking Innovation

21 October, 12:00pm — 12:45pm AEDT

The session will include an entry-level "innovation 101" overview, focussing on design thinking and how it is used to solve real customer problems. A case study incorporating Australia's first Indoor Urban Farm, Cultivate, will be used as an example.

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Leading Systemic Change

21 October, 1:00pm — 1:45pm AEDT

This presentation will challenge the dominant change agenda logics by focusing leaders to consider readiness for change. Through case study, the presentation will define readiness and its attributes, and make explicit how is readiness developed and sustained and importantly how one knows when their staff is ready.

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That Will Never Work - The Netflix Story

21 October, 3:30pm — 4:15pm AEDT

This segment will give students the opportunity to learn what it means to be an entrepreneur, how they are everyday entrepreneurs, as well as exploring the story behind how Netflix came to be.

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Meet the NSW entrepreneurial educators

21 October, 4:30pm — 5:30pm AEDT

As 2020 has already shown, the next generation will face unprecedented challenges in nature and scale in the coming century. To help your students tackle these challenges and thrive in an uncertain future, join us on Wednesday 21 October to get actionable tips on developing innovation and entrepreneurial mindsets in the classroom.

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Thu 22.10.20

Hacking your house in 30 min

22 October, 12:00pm — 12:45pm AEDT

In this interactive workshop, we will take some of the most "boring" objects around your house and HACK them. Thats right! Break them apart (kind of) understand their use and then with the help of some basic techniques of design thinking and ideation, you will be able to make the boring >> interesting.

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Designing a 5 star experience for Entrepreneurship Education

22 October, 1:00pm — 1:45pm AEDT

Student-centric design is essential, says the best and brightest leaders in education. And yet, when it comes down to it, are we really delivering best practice entrepreneurship education to young people?

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The role universities play in supporting and enabling grassroots entrepreneurship

22 October, 1:00pm — 1:45pm AEDT

How can universities better support the transition between graduation and higher education so that more young people are prepared to apply an entrepreneurial approach to future challenges?

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A Student-Led Approach For Sustainability

22 October, 3:30pm — 4:15pm AEDT

Whether you’re just beginning to unpack the concept of climate change or activate student voices, you’ll leave buzzing with ideas as to how you can accelerate your journey for student-led change in your school. When students are supported to take the lead, the results can be amazing!

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Entrepreneurial Education Action Plan Masterclass

22 October, 4:30pm — 5:15pm AEDT

This SparkFest, Young Change Agents is giving you the opportunity to join a masterclass focused on implementing entrepreneurial education in the classroom. We'll be sharing some case studies of how we've worked with schools to do this across Australia and then helping you start your own action plan for entrepreneurial education in your school.

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Fri 23.10.20

Academy for Enterprising Girls Virtual Think Tank: Environmental Impact

23 October, 9:30am — 3:00pm AEDT

A free innovative entrepreneurship program, designed to cultivate young women’s skills in design thinking, technology and business. All you and your students need is a device, a good internet connection and the excitement to create new things.

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Entrepreneurship in Agriculture

23 October, 1:30pm — 2:30pm AEDT

Farmers are entrepreneurs and innovators who use their initiative to solve problems daily. Farmers utilise technology to increase productivity and precision. Hear from a young NT Farmer who is an entrepreneur and see how you can create an innovative solution to a farming challenge.

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Student Showcase

23 October, 3:30pm — 4:15pm AEDT

See some of the best student projects from recent Design & Technology students. Learn from their stories and find out what worked for them. Get some questions ready to ask during this live event.

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Navigating Entrepreneurship Resources

23 October, 4:30pm — 5:15pm AEDT

There is an overwhelming amount of free resources available to help teach entrepreneurship but how do you know which one's are good and trustworthy? The Guild Library is curated to solve this problem and is aimed at helping those who are guiding others through the entrepreneurship journey.

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