Accelerators, delegations & other programs: currently open

If you're an Australian startup, there's no shortage of opportunities to find the kind of support you need to grow and scale. Even if you're very early stage, with little more than an idea and a whole lot of enthusiasm, an accelerator program might be just the thing you need to get to MVP.

But there's nothing worse than hearing about these opportunities after they've closed :(.

Well, Spark Festival is at your service. We maintain the listing below and add new opportunities as we find them. We also include reminders in Weekly Sparks, our Monday-afternoon email listing of all the startup and innovation events. And remember, sharing is caring, so make sure you send this on to friends and colleagues who might be good candidates.

Black Summer Innovation Program


Grants of up to $25,000 are available to Australian food and agribusinesses geographically located in and affected by drought, flood, fire, African Swine Flu and coronavirus epidemic. Grants are to be used to support business, product or service innovations. No matched funding is required.

Applications currently open: closing April 9



Antler’s six-month program provides founders with funding from day one, access to a global network of advisors, and a clear path to raising capital. You’ll find the right co-founder, have your ideas validated, and grow your startup to a point that normally take years to achieve.

Applications currently open: closing end of April

Health 10x


UNSW Founders and The George Institute for Global Health have partnered to deliver a unique accelerator program for health startups whose product or service addresses a challenge of non-communicable diseases (NCD) or injury in underserved markets, particularly in the developing world.

Applications currently open: closing May 1

First Gens 2020 Program


Searching for the most ambitious, game-changing impact ventures led by migrants and refugees in Australia for an accelerator program and the chance to receive up to $50,000 in funding.

Applications currently open: closing May 26

Founders 10x


Open to startups with a co-founder who is a UNSW student, staff or alumni, this industry agnostic accelerator is tailored for founders who are ready to accelerate their startup and explore global opportunities. The program offers 10 weeks of intensive programming plus 6 months incubation.

Applications currently open: closing May 2020

EnergyLab Pre-Acceleration Program


An opportunity to refine your clean energy startup idea, achieve customer validation and map a path to launching your company, EnergyLab's Pre-Acceleration Program will help you refine your business idea, gain some traction and get ready for their full Acceleration Program.

Applications currently open: closing May 2020

UNSW 10x Accelerator


Industry agnostic accelerator tailored for UNSW founders who are ready to accelerate their startup and explore global opportunities. The program offers 10 weeks of intensive programming plus 6 months incubation.

Applications currently open: closing June 7

SBE Life Sciences


Designed for healthcare and life science industries, Springboard Enterprises program assists companies in seeking seed and growth funding, while establishing expert connections and resources. Emerging, high-growth companies with women in key senior leadership positions and with significant equity stakes are invited to apply for this program, which serves as the on-ramp to SBE's alumnae network.

Applications currently open: closing August 10

Clean Energy Accelerator Program


A three month Clean Energy Accelerator Program that is uniquely designed to support Australian startups that have fully developed solutions, have established product market fit, and are ready for commercialization. The program is supported by Artesian’s Clean Energy Seed Fund to invest in scalable, high growth startups, encouraging innovation and creating opportunities in the development of clean technology.

Applications: accepted throughout the year