Weekly Sparks 113

Weekly Sparks 113

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So You Think You Want to be a Data Scientist

Sydney CBD / General Assembly / 6.00-7.30PM

This panel of local data experts break down the growing field of data by demystifying the difference between data science and data analytics, explaining the importance of data in business and product decisions, and highlighting ways data can advance your career.


Pints & Python

Sydney CBD / General Assembly / 6.00-8.00PM

Explore the intersection of coding and data with General Assembly.

Persuasive Writing Workshop

Sydney CBD / Academy Xi / 6.00-8.30PM

Writing for the web is not an easy feat. You need to capture tone, clarity, and succinctness while trying to get your message across to your audience. How do you effectively tell a story that not only paints a clear picture but also influences?

Ideas to IPOs - an Investment Lens on Validation

Sydney Startup Hub / Fishburners / 12.00-1.00PM

Through leveraging experience of running a start-up, evaluating start-ups in Australia for the last three years and having an entrepreneurial spirit, the Singtel Innov8 team aim to provide an insight into the dealings of Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) and the most effective ways to validate a business idea!

Scaling & Growing Your Startup

Sydney Startup Hub / Stone & Chalk / 8.00-9.30AM

Stone & Chalk is excited to be bringing you a panel of experienced women to talk about the specific challenges and opportunities that they have faced when starting and scaling a startup, and how these can be tackled.

How to Start an Online Business with $179

Pyrmont / Academy of Entrepreneurs / 6.00-8.00PM

Contrary to popular belief, building a business doesn't have to be expensive! Did you know that with only $179, you can already have an online business – complete with a business plan, logo, and a running website?


Tapping into Talent in the Regions

Sydney Startup Hub / The Studio / 12.30-1.30PM

The future of work is here. Teams are now distributed across cities, states & countries. Organisations can now find the best person for the job, regardless of where they live. With distribution comes opportunity and remote work is providing access to a talent pool that has not previously been tapped into - regional, rural and remote Australia.

Startups x Upstarts

Ultimo / UTS Startups / 5.30-8.30PM

In what will be a lively panel discussion, UTS student founders and Fishbuners’ alumni will put the DNA of startup communities under the microscope to discuss whether Sydney’s startup communities are getting it right.

Identifying Tech Opportunities and Managing their Application in Start-ups

Ultimo / Dr Chau Chak Wing Building / 6.15-7.45PM

This masterclass offers practical lessons on why and how you might adopt emerging technologies like AI, VR, Blockchain, and how they can be used to solve important challenges in areas of retail, healthcare, environmental cleanup and carbon capture.

How to Generate Business Ideas and Solutions

Coffs Harbour / C.ex Coffs / 5.30-8.30PM

The Ideation Session will help you formulate your idea in order to enter the big StartUp Coffs Coast Pitch Competition which this year is open to aspiring entrepreneurs of all ages! This event is part of Startup Coffs Coast 2019.

Viewing the World from Multiple Perspectives

Sydney CBD / Tank Stream Labs @ Bridge St / 12.30-1.30PM

Expand your awareness of the ways we see and experience ourselves, others, our actions and environments.

Ecommerce success with Shopify

Sydney CBD / Customs House / 6.30-8.30PM

Find out how using an ecommerce platform can improve your bottom line. Learn how to reach new customers and grow your customer base, create a positive experience for those using your website, and increase sales conversion rates.

Travel & Tourism Showcase

Sydney CBD / Haymarket HQ / 6.00-8.00PM

Come along to be inspired, pick up some pitch tips, connect with industry professionals, and discover what new innovative startups are revolutionising the tourism and travel space.

Bitcoin Basic - For Beginners

North Sydney / IR Ventures / 6.00-8.30PM

This session will help beginners understand bitcoin and how to safely explore it.

Lean Startup Sydney Meetup

Sydney CBD / 210 Clarence St / 5.30-8.30PM

A monthly meetup to hear & discuss "How Today's Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses"


Innovate Hear Meetup

Macquarie Park / Venture Cafe / 3.00-4.30PM

Each fortnight hearing researchers, technologists, healthcare providers and industry representatives connect at Venture Cafe to engage in a broad range of hearing and related initiatives - from knowledge-sharing and inspiration - to demos, user-testing and practical workshops.

Startup Grind hosts Peter Huynh

Sydney CBD / Hall Chadwick / 6.00-9.00PM

Peter is a Partner and Co-Founder of Qualgro VC, a venture capital firm based in Singapore which invests in startups at Series A & B, across Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. The fund focusses on B2B tech investments, particularly in SaaS and Data, and the latest fund is US $100M.

Property and Tech

Sydney CBD / The ACS Innovation Hub / 5.30-7.30PM

ACS hosts a panel of senior property professionals who will share their insights and experience on how technology is driving change in sales and customer relationships.

How to Stand Out and Stand for Something

Sydney Startup Hub / Fishburners / 12.00-1.00PM

You will learn how to define your social purpose, how to find the right cause partner to support that you are passionate about and makes business sense and how to craft a meaningful story to gain wide-spread media coverage.

Test Your Business Idea Workshop

North Wollongong / iAccelerate / 5.00-7.00PM

The ‘Test Your Business Idea Workshop’ has been specifically designed for early-stage startups, intrapreneurs and social entrepreneurs to help refine and test their business idea before going to market.

Networking in Nature

Royal Botanic Gardens / Piccolo Me Cafe / 7.00-8.45AM

Networking In Nature is a monthly guided morning walk for professionals and business owners in Sydney's stunning Royal Botanic Gardens.

Ethereum and the Future

Sydney CBD / Haymarket HQ / 6.00-9.00PM

In the same way that the internet has changed people's lives over past decades, a similar blockchain journey is just beginning.


Women Leaders and Innovators Lunch

Macquarie University / Macquarie University Incubator / 12.00-1.00PM

Hosted by the Macquarie University incubator, the lunch aims to increase the participation of women in entrepreneurship and leadership roles, and encourage growth and development through the support, real-life experiences and wisdom of other participants and speakers in our community.

Disability Tech Pitch Night

Sydney Startup Hub / Fishburners / 5.00-8.00PM

Every Friday night from 5pm, Fishburners opens its doors to host Shark Tank style, Friday Night Pitches. This particular event will be partnered with Remarkable - Australia’s first accelerator for early-stage startups creating technology to positively impact life for people with disability.

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