Small Business Month at SparkFest

Looking to grow your small business or SME using the tools and techniques of the new digital economy? Dive into these Spark Festival segments over the next couple of weeks and you'll be good to go!

The segments below are part of Spark Festival, Australia's largest event for startups, innovators and entrepreneurs. Register here to gain access to the full livestream, running daily from Oct 12 - 23, and check out the full two week program here.

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12 October,
8:00am — 8:30am AEDT

Seven Steps to Building a Business with Cult Status

Consumers have changed, and the businesses that form around them are principled, purposeful and creative. Junkee Media's Co-Founder & Publisher Tim Duggan recently released his first book, Cult Status, that's rocketed to Number 1 on several bestsellers' lists. In this talk, he'll share the lessons from studying hundreds of successful entrepreneurs and changemakers over the last decade to uncover what they all have in common. Tim will share insights from his entrepreneurial journey building award-winning digital media titles and from dozens of research studies over a decade and a half to show you how to build a business with a passionate community around it.

12 October,
8:40am — 9:00am AEDT

I’ve thought of a startup idea... What next?

In this Webinar Ben Kennedy, Founder & CEO of Gecko will go through the process of how to validate your startup idea and ensure that you’re not wasting time and money on your idea.

Ben will discuss how important it is to begin with solving a problem, what validation really means, how to differentiate from your competitors, and finding your why.

13 October,
9:00am — 9:45am AEDT

How to Get Unstuck as a Startup Founder, Business Owner & Entrepreneur

Do you struggle with managing priorities and decisions that truly move your business forward? In this presentation Ram Castillo will be offering practical advice and insights on getting unstuck, lightning fast.
This includes overcoming being the bottleneck, distinguishing high vs low value activities, implementing efficient systems and processes, hiring and keeping quality staff, value pricing, diversifying revenue streams, market penetration or expansion, and strategic branding and marketing initiatives.
This session is perfect for startups, innovators and entrepreneurs of every persuasion.

13 October,
10:40am — 11:10am AEDT

Founders' Identity: 10 Tips on How to be Found

Achieving product-market fit and gaining sales momentum is the most challenging aspect of the startup journey. Being a founder is more than just founding a company, it is also about developing a personal brand and avatar with a presence that allows you to be 'found' rather than requiring you to find others. This keynote session will cover the top ten insights into developing a founders identity.
The session is applicable to everyone and covers content given in the first module of the nandin entrepreneurial learning program. Whether you are a student, postgrad, startup CEO, or seasoned professional, there's something in this session for you.

14 October,
3:40pm — 4:00pm AEDT

Breaking into Asia with your Australian Made Product

Asia is hungry for Australia’s products, but with so much competition it can be a minefield. This interview will provide some insights, tips and tricks into the world of exporting to Asia to get your business prepared for take-off. Learn directly from someone who has done it, Arianne Sackville, founder of Bell & Bone, and hosted by Lady Brains co-founder Caitlin Judd.

16 October,
1:00pm — 1:30pm AEDT

Resilience at Work for Competitive Advantage

Workplace resilience is “the capacity to manage the everyday stress of work while staying healthy, adaptable and learning from setbacks and preparing for future challenges proactively.”

Being resilient at work means managing the everyday stress of work in a healthy way - rebounding and learning from unexpected setbacks, and being adaptable - preparing for future challenges and change in a proactive way.

Resilience is not just about better coping. It is being the best you can be in the current working environment. Learn about the Resilience at Work model and the seven characteristics, and how to apply the model in an entrepreneurial environment.

20 October,
2:30pm — 2:50pm AEDT

The Startup Journey: Sobah

Based on the beautiful Yugambeh country (Gold Coast), Sobah is leading a conversation surrounding Australian societal issues with alcohol consumption and breaking down the stigma of socialising sober. Born with the desire to provide a better choice for those who are not drinking, for whatever reason at whatever time, Sobah encompasses many traditional Aboriginal philosophies and beliefs as well as having a strong stance on social responsibility, giving back, sharing knowledge and experiences, creating opportunities for others, encouraging sustainable and healthy ways of living, and assisting in bringing about positive changes. Sobah promotes healthy lifestyle choices and wellness, social equity, sustainability, raises positive awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, smash stereotypes, unite people and, of course, the NA beers quench thirst.

Dr Clinton Schultz is a Gamilaraay man and registered psychologist with a keen interest in holistic wellness, particularly the wellness of workers in health and community services. He uses his experience to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and consult on organisational and cultural responsiveness. Originally a professional chef, Clinton also founded Clinto’s Kupmurri food truck in 2016 which was sold 12 months later to focus on Sobah. Between his psychology practice, multiple social business ventures and a young family at home, it is not surprising no day is the same.

21 October,
9:00am — 9:45am AEDT

How Entrepreneurs Can Ensure They're Setup for Success

3 Entrepreneurs will be interviewed by SEVENMmile Venture Lab founder, Greg Twemlow in a deep into 3 vital aspects of a startup organization: Goals, Vision and Journey with Anne McKeown, Mentoring, Guidance and Support with Adam Fazzani, and Team, Talent and Skills with Therese Ravell

This event is perfect for new or established startups that have growth goals.

22 October,
3:40pm — 4:00pm AEDT

How we grew Urban Plant Growers while working full-time jobs

The founders of Urban Plant Growers have had full time jobs for most of the company's history. Limited time forged the belief that they shouldn't build anything that doesnt need to be built, leading them to find a range of simple software solutions and develop rock-solid processes that have helped them to run an efficient hardware business. If you're thinking about starting up, but not sure about quitting your day job, this is a session for you.