Weekly Sparks #262

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2022 TRW Pitch Night

Sydney Startup Hub | Level 1 | 6.00-8.30PM AEST

The TRW Pitch Night will feature a showcase of TRW alumni founders who will pitch their incredible startups to an eager audience.


Leadership in startups, why it matters right from the start!

Sydney | The University of Sydney Business School | 6.30-9.30PM AEST

This free, interactive session is designed to assist you identifying and refining your own model of leadership.

How to Drive Better Business Decisions with Data

ONLINE | General Assembly | 7.00-9.30PM AEST

This class will give you insights into the future of products and what you need to know to keep up with the change and start incorporating data into products.


Startup Stories - Oyem Ebinum (Sheda)

Newcastle | I2N Hub | 8.00-9.00AM AEST

As a startup founder, technologist and software engineer and designer, Oyem (Mike) Ebinum is deeply interested in the power of technology to drive social change.

Lessons from Elite Sport with Matt de Boer

Sydney Startup Hub | Fishburners | 12.00-1.00PM AEST

Join Matt de Boer in this exclusive workshop as he explores 'how to build high performance into any organisation'.

Perfecting Your Pitch Workshop

Melbourne | Stone & Chalk | 3.00-4.00PM AEST

Whether you are sharing your idea with investors, a room full of people or in an elevator, learn how to nail your business pitch!

Find Your Co-founder

Sydney Startup Hub | Level 1 | 5.00-7.30PM AEST

Fishburners has partnered with Investment NSW to host a networking event to connect entrepreneurs with their dream co-founder.

Tech Central Quarterly Briefing

Sydney | Kerry Packer Education Centre | 4.00-5.30PM AEST

The purpose of this briefing is to update on Tech Central’s upcoming priorities and plans for 2022.

From Bench to Business Fireside Chat

Canberra | Canberra Innovation Network | 4.00-6.00PM AEST

Hear from three of ANU’s most successful academic entrepreneurs about what it was like to build a technology company to translate their innovations into impact.

5 ways to make your Power Apps and Pages more Inclusive

ONLINE | Microsoft Reactor Sydney | 6.00PM AEST

Learn what makes your users unhappy and how to improve your app, Power Page, or Power Platform product to gain more customers and enhance your existing users' experience.

Queensland Climate Tech Showcase

Brisbane | The Precinct | 5.00-9.00PM AEST

This event is for climate tech entrepreneurs and their teams, investors, mentors, scientists, and advocates in the climate tech space.

The Power of Storytelling in Fundraising

Sydney | TBA | 6.30-9.00PM AEST

The fundamentals of constructing your pitch.


Scaling up with a clean impact - insider tips for founders

ONLINE | William Buck | 11.00AM AEST

What are the insider tips for starting and scaling a clean impact business? And how can you balance decision-making to address both the 'right now' and the future?

Digital Lean Canvas Workshop

ONLINE | UNSW | 11.00AM-12.30PM AEST

Craft your very own 1 page business plan for y our lean startup.

Unstoppable Female Forces: The Future of Online Business

TBA | TBA | 12.00-1.00PM AEST

One Roof and Pin Payments are proud to bring this special event that will celebrate and spotlight women who are paving the way in building fast growing and scalable online businesses.

Startup Funding Series: Crowdfunding clarity

ONLINE | Standard Ledger | 12.30-1.30PM AEST

Understand how equity crowdfunding works for startups.

Melbourne Healthtech Civilised Socialising

Melbourne | CBD | 5.30-8.00PM AEST

Founders, Doctors, Techies, Industry, Investors & Enthusiasts - With this mix you're sure to find something to get your fix.

The Cost of Capital

Melbourne | The Commons Cremorne | 6.00-8.00PM AEST

Fireside chat and ask-me-anything gathering, focused on the cost of capital to tech companies.

In the Ops room with Palmer Luckey

Sydney | The ArtHouse Hotel | 6.00-8.00PM AEST

Find out why Palmer Luckey moved from VR gaming to defence technology with his latest company Anduril.

Design Mega Meetup - UX Australia 2022

Sydney Startup Hub | Tank Stream Labs | 6.00-8.00PM AEST

An open space format with five UXA speakers sharing an outline of the topics they'll be speaking about at UXA with some key thinking/insights and a provocation to start the discussion.

DnMs Launch

Sydney | Surry Hills | 6.00-9.00PM AEST

Tech. Science. Community. Questions. Chats. ​Meaningful conversations, deep technology.

Tech Talk: In the Ops room with Palmer Luckey

ONLINE | Anduril | 6.20-7.30PM AEST

Register for this online event to find out why Palmer Luckey moved from VR gaming to defence technology with his latest company Anduril.

Tools for funding your startup

Sydney | TBA | 6.30-9.00PM AEST

The University of Sydney Genesis program is inviting you to a masterclass as part of their week of entrepreneurship.

Westmead Research & Innovation Conference

Sydney | The Westmead Innovation Centre | Multi-Day Event

The conference will display the world-class research undertaken at Westmead as well as nationally and internationally from a scientific, industry and government perspective.

Creative AI Sydney

Sydney | UNSW School of Art & Design | 1.00-5.00PM AEST

A two-day symposium for professionals, artists and researchers working with creative applications of AI.


Investment Principles & How to Derisk Your Startup

Sydney Startup Hub | Fishburners | 9.00AM AEST

Unpack all six investment principles that it apply to all AfterWork Ventures' investment decisions.

Founder Panel: From Startup to Scale-Up

Sydney Startup Hub | Fishburners | 10.00AM AEST

Chat with founders of fast scaling companies to hear all about the highlights, low lights, pain points and advice they have for other founders on the path to scale.

Community Building for Accelerators and Ecosystem Partners

Sydney Startup Hub | Fishburners | 10.00AM-11.00PM AEST

Be part of this conversation where Mark Birch, Global Startup Advocate at Amazon Web Services, talks about practical steps in building momentum for the community flywheel and how that becomes the bedrock for enabling the rise of startups that become the next unicorns.

Community Building for Startups

Sydney Startup Hub | Fishburners | 11.00AM-12.00PM AEST

Join this talk to hear Mark Birch, Global Startup Advocate at Amazon Web Services, discuss his lessons learned and practical advice for building and scaling communities.

6 Different Ways of Looking at a Startup

Sydney Startup Hub | Fishburners | 11.00AM AEST

In this session, a panel of operators specialising in different functions will share a pecha kucha style presentation about how they leverage their functional expertise to evaluate early-stage companies.

Founder and Startup Ecosystem Partner Lunch Mixer

Sydney Startup Hub | Fishburners | 12.00-1.30PM AEST

AWS and Fishburners are hosting a founder and startup ecosystem partner lunch and you’re invited!

Special Edition Investment Update with Urban Plant Growers

ONLINE | UTS Startups | 2.00-2.30PM AEST

This is a not-to-be-missed conversation about raising, finance and risk for early-stage startups interested in the path forward.

Awards Heat 1- UTS Startups Awards

Sydney | Startups @ Central | 3.30-6.00PM AEST

The annual UTS Startups Awards and UTS Venture Day celebrate student and alumni entrepreneurs from UTS who are changing the world we live in for the better.


Founders Walk

Melbourne | Carlton Gardens | 9.00-11.00AM AEST

Every month a bunch of founders go for a walk then coffee/brunch. That's it. That's the event. Come along!

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