Oct 12-26 2022

Weekly Sparks #220

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Building Your Personal Elevator Pitch

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 12.30-1.30PM AEDT

This capacity-building workshop is for all members of the Spark Collective and includes activities and critical principles to identify how members want to be perceived as a professional. By analysing a suite of bio models - including Alina Dini's from Whirl, members will quickly identify effective words to influence others and sell the impact and significance of their business idea.

List Your First NFT! (For creatives and the creatively minded)

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 5.00-5.30PM AEDT

Evvvvrybody on the internet is talking about digital art and NFTs. But while we are hearing about $69 million dollar NFT art auctions, and futures of the Metaverse, how can local Australian artists simply get involved today and make their own mark in the NFT space?

So, You Think You Want to Start a Business?

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 5.30-7.00PM AEDT

Join with Adam Mostogl (CEO & Chief Entrepreneur, The Van Diemen Project) who will let you in on what it takes to start your own business, to create your own job and to make your passion your work for the future. He'll talk through what is involved in starting a business, the first steps, ideas for a business, answer all of your questions and let you know about the free help that is out there to help you start your own business.

Dreamer to Builder - How to build apps without any code

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 7.00-8.30PM AEDT

Do you have an idea for an app but you don't have programming skills?

This workshop will help you get that idea out of your head and into the world!

Country Spark - Innovation Conference

ONLINE | Spark Festival | Multi-Day Event

Part conference, part showcase, part networking and a sprinkle of pitching across two days - this event will be an opportunity for innovators, businesses, individuals and students from near and far to come together, network and learn.


Pitching Your Brand to Media

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 8.30-10.30AM AWST

If you're looking for more media coverage of your brand? Or interested in advice on how to have your story shared from the newly crowned Media Brand of the Year? This event is for you!

DeepTech X Design

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 11.00-11.45AM AEDT

Through an informal panel discussion and audience Q&A, this session will explore the question: how might we integrate design innovation principles in the DeepTech / high-end science journey?

Shining Light on the Solar Industry

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 12.00-12.40PM AEDT

Join us for our event ‘Shining light on the Solar industry’ as we showcase the success and value of our customer-first approach within Solar Energy Innovation.

Startup Funding

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 12.00-1.30PM AEDT

Startup funding is a cash hustle requiring you to access different types of funding at different stages, to support your growth. This workshop runs through the key different types of funding startups use to survive and grow.

Pitching and Preparing

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 12.30-1.30PM AEDT

Come and learn the art of pitching and preparing for an investor with Greg Bryan, Sydney Angels investor and Committee Member. Greg will be joined by a special guest speaker Melissa Pye, UNSW Founders 10X Accelerator Program Manager.

UwU - A Beginner's Guide to Contemporary Internet Slang (Interactive)

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 12.30-1.30PM AEDT

As part of Spark Festival 2021, Funhouse Studio founder Cayce Hill is leading a light-hearted, interactive workshop that explores the reasons new media is making it impossible for us to understand each other - and the ways in which participants can bridge the generational gap that is widening as a consequence.

Creating a Convincing Pitch Framework

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 2.00-3.00PM AEDT

In this session, we’ll work through the psychology behind why audiences buy-in, the unique elements to incorporate within your pitch and the right flow and structure to ensure future success. Come prepared to participate, as we discuss the theory and skills required to craft compelling pitches, with practical, real world examples provided to round out the session.

Photography for Small Business + Social Media

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 6.00-7.30PM AEDT

This workshop is perfect for business owners looking to capture professional looking images without spending thousands of dollars on expensive cameras and software as well as anyone looking to fast-track their photography skills and create content suitable for use across a variety of platforms.


Cure for a COVID Hangover: Human Centred Design for a Changing World

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 10.45AM-12.15PM AEDT

Now COVID has forced us to reconsider the way we learn to think. From our ability to see and maximise opportunity, through to resilience needed to overcome adversity, our meta-cognitive skills are key. Human centred learning design is one approach that helps unpack these new ways of thinking.

Fast Change, New Opportunities – An Introduction to Innovation Hubs

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 11.00AM-12.00PM AEDT

Businesses are facing an unprecedented level of change driven by customer preferences, societal agendas, talent shifts, and technology.

New opportunities exist for companies that differentiate themselves and rework how things are done.

Burnout Deconstructed

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 11.00AM-12.00PM AWST

Burnout has never been more talked about in business than it is today. While there is no shortage of resources to combat this psychological jam, it still exists, and business owners know it has wide-ranging consequences. It is common knowledge that muscles will fatigue if not given proper rest; the human muscles of productivity and achievement are no different, yet vacation/sabbaticals do not guarantee freedom from burnout.

Quantum and the Future of Cybersecurity

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 11.30AM-12.00PM AEDT

Learn about the successful startup journey of quantum cybersecurity company QuintessenceLabs (QLabs) from Co-founder & CEO Dr Vikram Sharma.

Impact Creators Collaboration Mixer

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 11.00AM-12.30PM AEDT

The Impact Creators Collaboration Mixer is a mid-morning get-together for founders and business leaders from impact-driven enterprises. Whether you're looking for a referral partner, business collaborators or even a co-founder, now is a great time to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs!

NFT's: The New Frontier in Art, Games and Beyond

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 12.00-12.45PM AEDT

This session will explore the opportunities for artists and creatives with NFT's and how creatives can monetize their work using NFT's. We'll also discuss the legal aspects - the interactions between the technology and legal rights and the opportunities this presents.

Conversations not Confrontations

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 12.00-1.00PM AEDT

Learn how shifting your mindset and some simple tools can help you get comfortable with having difficult conversations in this practical lunch and learn webinar with Impact HR Founder and Director, Therese Ravell.

Pitch Power Series: Investor Pitch

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 12.00-1.30PM AEDT

The Sydney Startup Hub invites you to The Pitch Power Series. This series of 4 weekly 90-minute online workshops, will prepare you with the tools and skills needed to grow your startup and take it to the next level.

Global Trends in Startup Funding

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 2.30-3.45PM AEDT

Having access to capital and the right support network can make a huge difference for founders. Silicon Valley has been the go to place for years but times are changing. We’ve gathered some of the leading investors and Startup community members from across APAC to unpack what this means for investors and for startups.

Who's Included? Startups inviting you to dance

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 4.00-5.15PM AEDT

Meet the startup and business leaders who are setting standards and increasing participation for diverse communities to enrich the startup ecosystem. Learn about work cultures that promote staff loyalty, creative output and efficiency, and appeal to new talent.

Social Enterprise Series - Pitching

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 4.00-6.00PM AEDT

Through this workshop taught by Rob Irving, lead pitch coach for the Funding Network and Pitch for Good Events, you will gain insights into what creates a great pitch and have the chance to start crafting your own pitch.

Challenge the Funder - Learn How to Raise Capital for Your Business

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 5.30-7.45PM AEDT

As Australia is hurting under the weight of lockdown-fatigue and loss of direction, many realise the “disease we can’t see” was the least of our troubles. Many people choose to see what is ahead of us as an amazing opportunity for a better beginning, a stronger business and more growth. However, this often requires capital.

Aussie Accelerators Massive Reverse Pitch

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 6.00-7.30PM AEDT

Time to turn the tables: 20+ awesome Aussie accelerators will pitch their programs for founders.


Angel Investing in the US

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 7.00-8.00AM AEDT

Join us for this workshop as we sit down with two experts to talk about all you need to know about Angel Investing in the US and Europe.

What’s it Really Like Being a Tech Entrepreneur?

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 12.00-12.45PM AEDT

Three entrepreneurs from nandin, ANSTO’s Innovation Centre, will talk about their journeys in commercialising technology innovations and running their businesses.

Demystifying Term Sheets

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 12.00-1.00PM AEDT

Come and hear Richard Dale, Sydney Angels and Sydney Angels Sidecar Fund Investment Committee member, speak on how to demystify term sheets.

How to Successfully Co-design a Tech Project

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 12.00-1.00PM AEDT

This discussion will look at how to get the best out of your relationship and the best approach for a successful co-design experience. For instance, how do you charge for a project and who owns the IP?

Investing in Cleantech: Bubble or long-term growth opportunity?

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 12.00-1.00PM AEDT

In Australia, the Cleantech Sector is reaching new heights, both for established and listed companies and early-stage ventures. Join us to learn more about investing trends in Cleantech.

Why you need a Design System

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 12.00-1.00PM AEDT

Products of all scales can benefit from having a design system in place. Everything we build needs a strong foundation to prevent it toppling over down the road, and a strong but flexible design system is just that for your new product.

Entrepreneurship and Disability - a match made in heaven

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 12.30-1.15PM AEDT

To celebrate Spark Festival you're invited to join Steve King, Accessibility and Product at Canva and Pete Horsley, the Founder of Remarkable Tech in a fireside chat as they talk about the launch of a new fellowship program for people with disability wanting to explore entrepreneurship and startup.

Building Your Personal Elevator Pitch

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 12.30-1.30PM AEDT

This capacity-building workshop is for all members of the Spark Collective and includes activities and critical principles to identify how members want to be perceived as a professional. By analysing a suite of bio models - including Alina Dini's from Whirl, members will quickly identify effective words to influence others and sell the impact and significance of their business idea.

Future-proof your career – and your organisation

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 12.30-1.30PM AEDT

Please join us in conversation with UTS subject matter experts in leadership, business, technology and science led by Fiona Anson, Future Skills Lead, as they discuss this important topic and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Purposeful Prosperity Panel hosted by OpenIDEO Sydney Chapter

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 12.30-1.30PM AEDT

This panel event aims to help participants do exactly that with some help from the subject matter experts who have been successful in balancing profitability and generating social impact.

DiY CFO - Thinking Like a Bigger Business

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 1.00-2.00PM AEDT

Bookkeeping and tax can be outsourced easily, and that’s all there is to it - right? Well not breaking the law is important, but there are questions you probably consider to be more crucial like.

R&D Tax Incentive: The Evolving Landscape

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 1.00-2.00PM AEDT

Join the Fullstack Team and panellists for expert insights into the R&D Tax Incentive program.

The Art of Demoing

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 2.00-3.00PM AEDT

An effective demo is more than just demonstrating a product's features and functions, it is a combination of art, preparedness, diligence and engagement. In this workshop we will cover how to deliver a great experience for your prospects and maximise the chance of progressing your sales deal to the next stage.

Connect Clan - Gathering and Relaunch

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 4.00-5.00PM AEDT

Lindfield Collaboration Hub presents "Gathering the Connect Clan" Meet past participants of the Connect@Lindfield program as they share their successes, challenges, and where they are now. This event will be a spotlight of past participants and facilitators through the years, and an interactive panel to discuss the benefits and value of the program.

Entrepreneurialism That Lasts - Scaling up a Resilient Startup

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 4.00-5.00PM AEDT

Today's startups grow so rapidly that missteps can become baked into their culture. How can they scale effectively, keeping what's important and unique to their brand and culture, as they transition to a mature organisation?

Cheque Mate: Real Stories from Budding Angel Investors

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 5.00PM AEDT

This Thursday, October 21st, we are bringing together four angel investors from the ANZ startup ecosystem to share their ‘first cheque’ stories and subsequent learnings.

Technology for The Caring Life

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 5.00-6.00PM AEDT

Hear from experts how Technology for the Caring Life can help you help them. Sponsored by Your 100 Year Life, a social enterprise dedicated to caring better for those we love, this panel will enthuse and equip you to put your passion and skills to a great purpose.

Why Australia needs more #Migrapreneurs

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 5.00-6.00PM AEDT

Migrapreneurs (aka migrant entrepreneurs) usually have no network or guidance that can help them start a startup in Australia. This results in them not starting a start-up or not solving a problem they are really passionate about. Promoting #migrapreneurship could be the path to bring innovation and create thousands of jobs in Australia.

Startup Team Speed-Dating: Find a Team/Co-Founder

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 5.00-6.30PM AEDT

Join UTS Startups and UNSW Founders for a whirl-wind of meaningful connections with other entrepreneurs, founders, and innovation enthusiasts.

Building a Thriving Startup Community

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 5.30-7.00PM AEDT

Are you passionate about building strong communities? Looking to land a community-focused role?

Meet The Investors: Bridging The Gender Gap in Access to Capital

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 7.00-9.00PM AEDT

Hear a panel of investors and female founders discuss their experience of raising capital and network with the startup investor community.


Startup Stories - Adam Boyle (Pegasus)

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 8.00-9.00AM AEDT

Founded in 1987, Pegasus doesn’t have a traditional startup story and instead finds its roots as a pure labour-hire company. Adam Boyle was brought on as Chief Executive in 2007 and tasked with diversifying the business and concentrating future investment on growing and commercialising their tech product, Onsite Track Easy.

The Role of Advisory Boards in Scaling Governance

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 10.30-11.30AM AEDT

You know you need it. You feel like you cannot afford it. But you know you will not get to the other side without it. Scaling governance in a practical and safe way is more than an art - it is a science.

Innovation City: Incubating Place and Culture for Entrepreneurship

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 12.00-1.00PM AEDT

Innovation districts are reshaping and regenerating parts of Australian cities, creating and attracting new high quality jobs in accessible locations. The event will introduce Australian startups and founders to design ideas for future innovation districts, campuses and workplaces.

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 12.00-1.00PM AEDT

In this lunch and learn webinar, we'll share the latest research and some practical tools to help you increase your emotional intelligence and become an even more effective leader.

Raising Capital in 2021

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 12.00-2.00PM AEDT

The session will cover the insights and experiences we have gained to help you approach your next capital raise with confidence and a clear strategy.

How to Start Your Own Podcast

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 2.00-2.45PM AEDT

In this 45 minute workshop, Julia Hasche - founder of HascheTag Media, and podcaster for five years - will cover everything you need to know about podcasts, and starting your own.

Turning Online Words Into Bottom Line Numbers

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 12.30-1.30PM AEDT

In this short and practical session, Yifat & Lee from Punct will explore the impact words have on user experience, and how using the right words can generate desired user actions, behaviours, and experiences that translate into bottom-line revenues.

Investor Ready Pitch Night

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 5.00-7.00PM AEDT

Fishburners is hosting a pitch night to showcase the incredible investor-ready startups in the country right now. Come along to watch the pitches and network with Australia's best startup community or apply to pitch here.

Don't Be A Deck!

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 7.00-8.00PM AEDT

Got a startup idea? YES! Got a pitch deck? Um... No. But hey, that's OK! There's no good reason why exciting new ideas need to be presented in a boring pitch deck format. Submit your startup concept in a creative new way, and win the bragging rights that come with being the most creative startup pitch of Spark Festival 2021!

Startup Comedy Night: Standup and Improv About Startups + Startup Life

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 8.30-10.00PM AEDT

Join us for a light hearted evening of comedy about startups and #StartupLife, with exclusive discounts on drinks and food delivered to your door to enjoy on the night.

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