OCT 13-28 2021

Weekly Sparks #214

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Automate today, free up your schedule tomorrow

ONLINE | Sydney School of Entrepreneurship | 12.00-1.30PM AEST

In this workshop, you’ll find the best opportunities in your work to apply automation and digitisation.

Ask Me Anything with Anthony Eisen, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Afterpay

ONLINE | Pivott Careers | 12.00-1.30PM AEST

In this rare ‘Ask Me Anything’ session, Afterpay Co-CEO and Co-Founder Anthony Eisen will reflect on the Afterpay story and his own journey building one of Australia’s most successful startups.


INCUBATE Accelerator Information Session


Learn more about the INCUBATE Accelerator program – Australia’s leading university startup accelerator.

Find Your Next Internship or Job in a Startup

ONLINE | UTS | 12.30-1.30PM AEST

Hear 90-second reverse pitches from companies and programs like Canva, Startmate, Pivott, Airtree and Maslow, who are currently recruiting. Find your next startup career opportunity in your lunch break.

Mastering Difficult Conversations

ONLINE | Impact HR | 1.00-2.00PM AEST

In this final one-hour group training session, participants will each share with the group two key insights they have learned about themselves over the previous weeks, and the areas that they have committed to developing. This provides an opportunity for the participants to learn from each other through and through sharing their own areas of focus for development with the group they are making a public commitment to making it happen. It may also lead to participants working together after the course to support and encourage each other in their development.

It's Electrifying

ONLINE | Clean Energy Council | 2.00-3.00PM AEST

The Clean Energy Council invites you to attend It's Electrifying: The Power of Clean Electricity to Supercharge Australia, a webinar on the opportunities and challenges facing the renewable energy industry as we look to electrify the Australian economy.

AI-Enabled Patient Care

ONLINE | Tech23 | 4.00PM AEST

How can we make the most out of the opportunities presented by AI and machine learning to improve patient outcomes?


In YOUR Face, the Future of Digital Marketing

ONLINE | Pivott Careers | 5.00-6.15PM AEST

What is your company brand? What is your personal brand? How important are data analytics? These questions and many more will be answered by experts reinventing how we market products and services. This session is for people wanting to embrace the new world of marketing with a bold presence and a sound strategy.

Make the USA Your Next Export with E-Commerce

ONLINE | Investment NSW | 10.00-11.00AM AEST

Thinking of selling into the USA? Join this webinar to learn how to increase your sales using best practice e-commerce tools & techniques.

Exit Planning - Copperstone Capital

ONLINE | The Studio | 12.00-12.45PM AEST

Starting a tech business is hard. Raising capital, managing the runway, building the team, existing on scraps. The EXIT is where you and your investors get the payday you deserve.


Brain Computer Interface: Science or Science Fiction

ONLINE | Remarkable | 10.00-10.45AM AEST

Zuby Onwuta is a patented inventor of a brain control assistive tech, a neuroengineer who enabled the first demonstration of brain-controlled robotic limbs by people with paralysis, and a founder leading a world-class research & development team that has delivered a human-grade implant. Together, you'll explore the possibilities and applications of BCI.

Preventing Modern Slavery: Your Business’ Legal Obligations

ONLINE | LegalVision | 11.00-11.45AM AEST

If you are an Australian business with annual consolidated revenue of over $100 million, you may have modern slavery reporting obligations. To help you understand these requirements, LegalVision is running a free webinar on Preventing Modern Slavery: Your Business’ Legal Obligations.

How to Build a Pipeline of Angel Investors

ONLINE | Fishburners | 12.00-1.00PM AEST

How do you get a bunch of angel investors from not interested to engaged? How do you get them across the line and invest in your startup? Join Alan Jones who has been on both the founder side and the angel investor side to gain insight on this topic from a unique perspective.

Fireside Chat with George Freney and Ben Flin

ONLINE | Stone & Chalk | 4.30-6.30PM ACST

This month, George Freney, 11point2 co-founder, will chat with Ben Flink, Senior Manager of Business Innovation at RAA. RAA is a South Australian institution with over 770,000 members built over 116 years, and Ben's role is to tackle the question - what will the RAA of tomorrow look like? Ben is also the co-founder of Sophie - an app that empowers parents to keep their children safe on the internet.

Lowering the Intensity of Agriculture

ONLINE | Tech23 | 10.00AM AEST

How can we reduce the chemicals, emissions and resources across the agri-food supply chain?

10x your PR in 40 mins

ONLINE | Commsgrad | 12.00-12.40PM AEST

In this masterclass you will learn how to use PR to drive commercial outcomes, secure media coverage quickly and efficiently, engage with media (and how NOT to), understand what is of interest to the media and free PR tools and templates to get you on your way - plug and play.

RU Really OK? Mental Health at Home

ONLINE | General Assembly | 12.00-1.00PM AEST

2021 has been a rollercoaster for Australians from returning to the office earlier this year to now being back in lockdown. With most companies set to keep a hybrid-remote model, it's important to make sure you're setting yourself up with the right mindset, routine and practices to prioritise self-care at home and also being able to support and identify if others may need help.

Brain Power Series 2.0: Neuroscience of Growth

ONLINE | Sydney Startup Hub | 1.00-2.00PM AEST

Sharing the neurological and psychological mechanisms of connection and collaboration, this session will provide a number of practical neurohacks and tools (quick brain hacks) you can use to increase collaboration and boost productivity.

Growing Victoria's AgTech Sector

ONLINE | LaunchVic | 1.00-2.00PM AEST

LaunchVic will lead a discussion with industry leaders in AgTech about growing this important startup sector in Victoria.

I Started at Uni: Stories from the Startup Ecosystem

ONLINE | RMIT Activator | 4.00-5.00PM AEST

Join this panel event hosted by Startup Victoria filled with exciting founders who will share stories of how they started, their ups and downs and how they adapted their startups in this growing digital world to ensure no one gets left behind.


Marketing Tech Pitch Night

ONLINE | Fishburners | 5.30-7.00PM AEST

Fishburners is hosting a pitch night to showcase the incredible startups being built in the marketing tech space right now.

Launch Pad SydWest Accelerator Showcase

ONLINE | Launch Pad | 9.00-11.00AM AEST

This event uses new technology to let you select the founders of most interest to you, hear their pitches and engage in real-time for a valuable discussion.

Your Next Step in Viral Product Growth

ONLINE | UTS | 2.30-3.30PM AEST

Find out how to take a new tech product from zero to 2.5k users in 90 days with Julia French, ex-WhatsApp, Dropbox and Atlassian, currently an investor and educator for the UTS Diploma in Innovation.

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