OCT 13-28 2021

Weekly Sparks #211

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Emerging Tech Pitch Night at Melbourne Connect Innovation Week

ONLINE | YBF | 5.30-7.30PM AEST

Join YBF, Silicon Beach Australia, Women in Emerging Tech and Algorand Foundation to pitch your emerging tech startup at Melbourne Connect Innovation Week.

Liminal Day 1

ONLINE | Startmate | 6.15-8.00PM AEST

Start off the Liminal series and find out everything you need to know to get the most out of Liminal, plus an allstar panel and networking opportunity.

Accelerator for Enterprising Women | Perth

Perth | Murdoch University CBD Space | Multi-Day Event

This two day incubator workshop will take you through a series of masterclasses and mentor sessions with women who have done it all before.


Product Research Ops: How to Involve Customers in Every Release

ONLINE | Terem Technologies | 10.00-11.00AM AEST

In this session, you'll cover the basics of building your research panel (from recruitment techniques + channels to the logistics + legalities, and engagement + research democratization).

How to Protect Your Idea

ONLINE | Cicada Innovations | 9.00AM-5.00PM AEST

This free one day seminar will deep dive into the basics of Intellectual Property, equipping you with the necessary knowledge to protect your intellectual property.

The Front Line of Scaling

ONLINE | Innovation Bay | 12.00-1.00PM AEST

The pandemic underscores the urgency for a more dynamic talent and work model. Innovation Bay has invited members of Summit to share their experience of hiring and scaling their startups for success.

Capacity & Finance

ONLINE | Startup Adelaide | 5.30-7.00PM ACST

Growing your business capacity and finance. Available grants for start-ups and small businesses.

Liminal Day 2

ONLINE | Startmate | 6.30-7.45PM AEST

These panels will feature three or more women who started their careers in the same industry and followed different paths into startups.

EduTech 2021

ONLINE | EduTech | Multi-Day Event

Join Global Victoria in the largest education event in Australia, bringing bringing together every member of the education life cycle for two days of learning, networking, inspiration and business.

Incubator Workshop

ONLINE | Accelerator for Enterprising Women | Multi-Day Event

Join Global Victoria in the largest education event in Australia, bringing bringing together every member of the education life cycle for two days of learning, networking, inspiration and business. This series of 2 hour workshops will take you through masterclass and mentor sessions with women who have done it all before.


Damien Mahoney (Stackla)

ONLINE | I2N | 8.00-9.00AM AEST

University of Newcastle alumni Damien Mahoney has built a career in digital with organisations such as the NRL, AFL, NineMSN and Macquarie Radio Network, but saw a gap in the way businesses communicate with their audience authentically. He founded Stackla in response to this, an AI-powered enterprise platform that allows B2C companies to tap into a rich seam of authentic, trusted and dynamic user-generated content and utilise this content throughout their own digital marketing channels.

Why Mentors Matter for Founders on the Frontier

ONLINE | Tech23 | 12.00PM AEST

Understand how Mentors help empower founders of gamechanging tech companies.

Irresistible Marketing - with Basic Bananas

ONLINE | The Studio | 12.00-12.45PM AEST

Want to learn how to effectively capture the attention of your audience and drive more sales? Join Founder of Basic Bananas, Christo Hall as he explores various methods to create irresistible marketing campaigns.

Cyber Connect Talent Jam - Speed Interviews & Networking (Employers)

Adelaide | Ingkarni Wardli Atrium | 3.00-6.30PM ACST

Join AustCyber and Ribit for speed interviews and networking, connecting cyber security needs of industry to tertiary student talent.

Liminal Day 3

ONLINE | Startmate | 6.30-7.45PM AEST

These panels will open your eyes to how your skills can translate into startups and all the different career paths you can take.


Understanding Cap Tables and ESOPS

ONLINE | LegalVision | 11.00-11.45AM AEST

A thriving startup needs two essentials: capital and great people -- which is why it is important you understand the benefits of cap tables and employee share option plans (ESOPs):
+ a cap table helps you track and manage capital raising rounds; and
+ an ESOP helps you to attract and retain great people to your business.

How to Guide Users to the 'Aha!' Moment by Nailing Onboarding UX

ONLINE | Fishburners | 12.00-1.00PM AEST

In this talk, former Google & Uber Design Lead Mark Lamb shares the tips, techniques, and tactics to help turn new users into engaged users.

Growth in the time of COVID

ONLINE | Tech23 | 9.00AM AEST

Tune in to listen to how game changing tech companies are unlocking growth opportunities in these topsy-turvy times.

Design a Winning Pitch Deck

ONLINE | UTS | 12.00-1.30PM AEST

Let the brilliant Dr Julien Marchand of Future Proof You guide you through communicating your business and its value to the opportunities at hand, all in the bite sized timeframe of a pitch deck!

Brain Power Series 2.0: Neuroscience of Stress & Resilience

ONLINE | Sydney Startup Hub | 1.00-2.00PM AEST

Understanding the biological construct of stress and how it impacts our thinking and relationship with resilience, this workshop arms individuals, teams and businesses with all the neurohacks (quick brain hacks) and neurotools to bust stress and boost resilience.

Liminal Day 4

ONLINE | Startmate | 6.00-8.30PM AEST

Join Startmate for the fourth day of Liminal for a chance to network, a masterclass on finding a job in a startup and a panel discussion on setting yourself up for startup success.


Mastering Difficult Conversations

ONLINE | Impact HR | Multi-Day Event

Designed for managers, team leaders, business owners, and team members, in this practical course you’ll learn how to:

- Reframe your thoughts around the conversation
- Prepare appropriately for the conversation
- Refine your active listening skills to understand and empathise
- Effectively receive and provide feedback
- Understand different communication styles
- Co-create a positive approach for future difficult conversations

Leader as Coach Program

ONLINE | Impact HR | Multi-Day Event

This 10-month program will transform your organisation by creating a culture of empowered and engaged leaders and team members.

Liminal Day 5

ONLINE | Startmate | 5.00-7.00PM AEST

Wrap up events will be hosted in most cities of Australia and New Zealand. Come and meet other Liminal attendees, Women Fellowship Alumni, Coaches and the Startmate team.

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