OCT 13-27 2021

Weekly Sparks 194

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Australian Blockchain Week

ONLINE | Blockchain Australia | Multi-Day Event

Sessions that range from foundational basics to sectoral deep dives into the global implications of this emerging technology.


Fighting Climate Change with Big Data

ONLINE | Innovation Bay | 7.45-9.00AM AEST

Join Innovation Bay for an in-depth discussion with experts about how big data can be used to prevent and predict the effects of climate change.

Why Instagram Reel Are Real-Y Important for Your Social Strategy

ONLINE | General Assembly | 10.30AM-12.00PM AEST

In this session you'll learn what Reels are, how brands are using them, how to start creating killer content within the platform, and most importantly - how to make an impact with minimal effort (because let's be honest, that's what we're all here for!).

Arjun Satya: Co-Founder & Head of Product of M360

ONLINE | The Studio | 12.00-12.40PM AEST

Arjun Satya is the visionary co-founder for M360 at Times Internet, leading the business strategy and the product roadmap. Arjun joined Times Internet Limited in India in July 2014 as a Product Manager for the Company's 'Audience Platform' and, at 28, is one of the youngest leaders in his domain.

What Does it Mean to be "Future Ready"?

ONLINE | Action Foresight | 12.30-1.30PM AEST

Don’t lie. How many times have you been surprised by change? Back in the 1980s Alvin Toffler even coined the term “Future Shock” to describe what will happen to people in a world of accelerating and disruptive changes. Here we are!

Bond Business Links

Queensland | Bond Business School | 6.00-8.00PM AEST

Hosted by Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, Dr Baden U'Ren will be joined by an elite panel of industry guests as they discuss Driving Innovation: Startups, Scaleups, Corporates and Community.

UN & Australia Sustainable Partnerships Forum

ONLINE | UNAA | Multi-Day Event

UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina J. Mohammed will open the UN & Australia Sustainable Partnerships Forum - 2021’s Major Australian SDGs event.


Debt Financing Options for Australian Startups

ONLINE | Lighter Capital | 8.30AM AEST

Join Brent Maxwell, Co-founder at Style Arcade, Jason Georgatos, Managing Director at Partners for Growth, and Melissa Widner, CEO at Lighter Capital as they discuss the latest financing options for Australian Startups.

Funding 101 for Tech Entrepreneurs

ONLINE | Silicon Valley Startup | 12.00-1.30PM AEST

Silicon Valley attorney Roger Royse will discuss, compare and contrast the various options for entrepreneurs to fund their startup.

Preparing the Perfect Pitch

ONLINE | ACU | 4.00-6.00PM AEST

In this workshop you will learn a systematic approach towards a pitch presentation and how you should prepare for this challenge.

HHQ Blockchain Basics #4: DeFIs

ONLINE | Haymarket HQ | 5.30-7.00PM AEST

DeFi Blockchain technologies are permissionlessly developed maintained and owned by the netizens of the metaverse. In this event, you will go through case examples for how to contribute to DeFi and get rewarded at rates that are very competitive compared to mainstream financial industry investment offering.

Ideas Anonymous

ONLINE | Vast Experiences | 6.00-8.00PM AEST

Ideas Anonymous is a place for people with open minds and open hearts. It thrives on the diversity of backgrounds of its attendees. Your unique background and perspective will beautifully enhance everyone’s ideas.

How to Pitch to Investors & Successfully Raise Money

ONLINE | Steve Austin | 5.30-6.30PM AEST

This workshop is an intro to a 4-day workshop that Steve Austin has presented at accelerators in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, in Asia and Europe.


The Studio Pitch Lab

ONLINE | The Studio | 9.00AM-1.00PM AEST

This intensive Pitch Coach Clinic will not only help you present your startup better, but will likely influence your strategic direction, brand and marketing position and even how you see your enterprise, path to market and impact. 

Love Food Sydney - Business Information Session

ONLINE | UNAA | 10.00-11.00AM AEST

Love Food Sydney is a food waste avoidance program for restaurants, cafes and hotels.

From Fiction to Reality: Can AI Support Activism?

ONLINE | The Studio | 12.00-12.40PM AEST

Largely self-taught, Wijeratne picked up programming after school and went through a stint in game development. He then became a tech journalist and founding editor of Readme.lk, a Sri Lankan tech news website. He is well known in Sri Lanka for the blog he maintained, Icaruswept, which was noted for its data-savvy analyses. 

Earth Day 2021: Creativity Saves the World

ONLINE | Venture Cafe Sydney | 4.00-6.30PM AEST

Venture Cafe are seeking all creatives, artists, painters, sketchers, photographers, calligraphers, poets, etc. to join ART-ographer- Artist, Researcher and Teacher, Dr Bronwen Wade-Leeuwen, for an interactive session using Adobe Fresco and Watercolour paints to build climate and environmental literacy - using multi-modal forms. The artwork created in this workshop will form part of the Earth Day 2021 digital mural.

A Fireside Chat with Katherine McConnell

ONLINE | Antler | 5.00PM AEST

Join Antler Managing Director Bede Moore as she speaks with Katherine about how and where the best ideas emerge, and how to capitalise on them to seize an opportunity to build a successful tech company.

FFWD Pitch Night

ONLINE | Study NSW | 5.00-7.00PM AEST

Join Study NSW and Haymarket HQ for the FFWD Pitch Night where the top startups share their visions with a panel of judges, mentors, their peers—and you!

Venture Makers "Generate" Program

ONLINE | Launch Pad | 5.00-7.00PM AEST

With over 20 years’ leadership and consulting experience with international technology and digital media organizations, Jamie will guide the development of technology-based start-up companies in Greater Western Sydney, Australia.


Sustainable Products - Building Circular Economy to Last

ONLINE | General Assembly | 10.00-11.00AM AEST

GA have teamed up with Planet Ark’s Australian Circular Economy Hub, or ACE Hub for short, to bring you three examples of circular innovation.

Equity Crowdfunding 101

ONLINE | Startup Victoria | 1.00-2.00PM AEST

For this edition of the Startup Success Series, Startup Victoria will be speaking with crowdfunding experts to share their advice and knowledge.

Nailing Your Product-Market Fit with Australia's Best Product Manager

ONLINE | Fishburners | 5.00-7.00PM AEST

It's a debatable milestone, but a critical transition point is key in building a successful venture. In this fireside chat, join David Jones, Tricia Huerta, Cheryl Gledhill, Steen Andersson and Mick Liubinskas as they take a deep dive into their key learning experiences from the world of product development.

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