OCT 13-28 2021

Weekly Sparks 180

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Australian EdTech Market Census Launch

ONLINE | Deloitte | 12.30-2.30PM AEDT

Interested in where we are and where we’re heading? Join Deloitte for this webinar on the 2020 Australian EdTech Market Census results to learn about the state of our ecosystem.

Reboot your Business Masterclass


This free masterclass provides the tools and resources needed when considering the next steps in you startup. Delivered by BDO's Financial Educators, this masterclass will provide the information needed to successfully pivot, pause or exit your company in the next 6 to 12 months.


Poplabs Showcase 2020

ONLINE | Poplabs | 5.00-6.30PM AEDT

Join Poplabs to celebrate the journey of their first cohort of creative entrepreneurs. Learn more about the founders, their creative businesses and the impact they seek to achieve. 

So Long 2020, Thanks for all the Lessons

ONLINE | Circular Economy Futures | 5.30-8.30PM AEDT

Hear from two incredible speakers as we say goodbye to 2020, decompress, debrief, share our stories and lessons from this year and create new space as we look toward the future into 2021 and beyond.


Creativity, Brand, Innovation for BIG Impact in 2021

ONLINE | Nasdaq | 6.00-7.00AM AEDT

December has traditionally been a time to plan for growth for 2021, but given COVID19 how do you effectively plan especially as our traditional ‘rules’ of business have changed?

Atto Accelerator Demo Day 2020

ONLINE | Atto Accelerator | 11.00AM-1.30PM AEDT

Founded in 2019, Atto​ is a new school for female tech entrepreneurship. The flagship offering is a 12-week remote pre-accelerator program that has been backed by LaunchVic in Australia and AWS in New Zealand.

Mindsets & Skills for Peak Performance

ONLINE | Stone & Chalk | 12.00-1.00PM AED

Joined by author and mentor, Alessandra Edwards, cover ways to adopt a growth mindset and a healthy balance to create stability during uncertain times.

Test Your Business Idea

ONLINE | iAccelerate | 12.30-2.00PM AEDT

The ‘Test Your Business Idea Online Workshop’ has been specifically designed for early-stage startups, and impact entrepreneurs to help refine and test their business idea before going to market.

How to Turn Any Idea into a Business with $0

ONLINE | Academy of Entrepreneurs | 3.30PM AEDT

Learn how you can turn any idea into a real business on a student visa. 

Victorian Small Business Virtual Showcase 2020

ONLINE | Investible | 6.00-7.30PM AEDT

COVID-19 hit hard across Victoria’s business sector. Join Investible virtually to support 20 of the state’s most innovative small businesses!

How Tech is Changing Fitness

ONLINE | General Assembly | 6.00-7.30PM AEDT

Join this panel of innovators for an evening of discussion dedicated to exploring the intersection of tech, fitness and health that have helped re-envision the way we stay healthy - mind, body and spirit.

Evening Yoga for Change Makers

ONLINE | Founder Institute | 8.30-9.30PM AEDT

An ancient philosophy and way of living passed down through centuries, the benefits of regularly practicing Yoga go beyond relaxation and recalibration of the mind and body, it also helps us to tap in our unconscious mind which holds our deepest creativity and much more inner resources.


In Conversation with Pasha Rayan

ONLINE | _southstart | 8.30-9.15AM ACDT

Join _southstart in conversation with Pasha Rayan, Co-Founder and CTO at Forage - an edtech company that runs virtual training programs with world-leading companies to educate and recruit students.

EMERGE 2020 STEM Tech & Career Showcase

ONLINE | Cicada Innovations | 12.00-1.00PM AEDT

Take a peek behind closed doors into the labs and offices of Cicada's science startups!

Women in AI & Robotics

ONLINE | General Assembly | 2.00-3.00PM AEDT

This panel of innovative women in technology as they share their stories on how they got to where they are today, and their insights and advice into being a woman in AI and Robotics.

RMIT Activator 2020 Showcase

ONLINE | RMIT Activator | 3.30-5.30PM AEDT

While 2020 has certainly been challenging, this year has birthed new program offerings, enabled exciting collaborations, and seen the RMIT Activator community thriving in novel ways.

OQCE 2020 Awards and Farewell to Leanne Kemp

ONLINE | Office of the QLD Chief Entrepreneur | 5.00-6.00PM AEDT

Join the Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur for their final (virtual) event of 2020!


Tour of The Studio

Sydney Startup Hub | The Studio | 12.00-1.00PM AEDT

What kind of startups are in our space? Is it a good fit for you? What is included in the different membership types?

Zooming on Year 2020 with Harry Moseley

ONLINE | inQ | 5.00-6.00PM AEDT

Sharing amazing insights of Zoom and its achievements and also reflecting on a new world order that it has impacted. 

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