OCT 13-28 2021

Weekly Sparks 179

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Investor Connect

ONLINE | Tech23 | 12.00PM AEDT

Preparing for a Series A (in the deep-end!)

Accelerating the Quantum Ecosystem

ONLINE | Sydney Quantum Academy | 3.00-4.00PM AEDT

The Sydney Quantum Academy is bringing together some of Sydney and Australia's leaders in the transformative field of quantum.

Big Stuff!

ONLINE | Tech23 | 4.00PM AEDT

Exponential Machines in Heavy Industries. 

SFF x Switch 2020

ONLINE | Singapore Fintech Festival | Multi-Day Event

Join the world's first week-long round-the-clock, hybrid digital and physical event.

Level Up On Fundraising Series

ONLINE | Switch | Multi-Day Event

How can startups be more resilient when fundraising in a COVID-19 landscape? Amidst shifting global trends and priorities among investors, the Level Up On Fundraising series aims to offer actionable tips on how to formulate pitch strategies, streamline fundraising processes, and engage investors more effectively. 


From Idea to IPO

ASX Auditorium | Innovation Bay | 8.00AM AEDT

Innovation Bay is focused on supporting founders from idea to IPO and beyond and Kate Morris’s story absolutely showcases that journey.

Tour & Information Session

Wollongong | iAccelerate | 10.30-11.30AM AEDT

If you are considering to apply to become a resident, up-and-coming entrepreneur, potential investor or partner, or a just plain curious member of the community, iAccelerate would love to have you.

Effective Startup Mentorship Practises

ONLINE | Techstars | 11.00AM-12.00PM AEDT

Join this informative session about how you can share your knowledge and experience with founders in a way that works best for them.


ONLINE | Tech23 | 12.00PM AEDT

The next data frontier.

PR & Comms - A DIY for Founders

ONLINE | Luna | 12.00PM AEDT

Perfect for early-stage startups and founders, Luna got Senior Communications Consultant, Sarah Gundlach, with them to share her tips and tools for strategic storytelling to grow your audience.

Pitch Your Startup Idea to Sydney Investors & Experts

ONLINE | Founder Institute | 6.30-8.00PM AEDT

On this live and interactive online event you can pitch your ideas to a panel of Sydney startup investors and experts for ratings and feedback, all from the comfort of your home. Even if you don't want to pitch, you are invited to hear startup ideas and watch how the experts analyze businesses.


Founder Fast Start

ONLINE | Cicada Innovations | 9.00AM-5.00PM AEDT

As part of their Rapid Prototyping series, Cicada Innovations will be running a 1-day workshop on all the things you need to consider when starting your own business and commercialising your technology.

Supporting Australian Entrepreneurship

ONLINE | Tech23 | 11.00AM AEDT

Understanding the roles universities play.

Purpose Driven Business as a Force for Good

ONLINE | Macquarie University Incubator | 12.00-1.00PM AEDT

In this webinar, Prof Debbie Haski-Leventhal will discuss innovative and cutting edge concepts, frameworks and cases of business as a force for good to offer a new way of moving forward.

Morse Micro - Ask Me Anything

ONLINE | Cicada Innovations | 12.00-1.00PM AEDT

Morse Micro is what happens when the inventors of WiFi technology improve upon the original.

Tech23 Accelerate

ONLINE | Tech23 | 1.00-4.00PM AEDT

Join leaders of accelerators, hubs and incubators to discuss the challenges and opportunities faced in their role to support the next generation of Australian entrepreneurs.

An Introduction to Alternative Investment

ONLINE | LaunchVic | 2.00-3.00PM AEDT

If you are an investor looking to connect and actively engage within the startup community, this webinar is not to be missed.

MAP20 Velocity Showcase

ONLINE | Melbourne Accelerator Program | 5.30-7.00PM AEDT

This year was the first ever virtually delivered program and these founders demonstrated their incredible courage, resilience and commitment to plundering the depths of new quests despite the challenge of COVID19. 


Predictions from the Frontier

ONLINE | Tech23 | 9.00AM AEDT

Deep Tech Possibilities.

The Future of Inclusive and Multi-Diverse Technologies

ONLINE | Spark Festival | 9.30-10.15AM AEDT

oin Spark Festival, Remarkable and Forestlyn for a fascinating and important conversation with renowned diversity technologist Yonah Welker to discuss the future of inclusive and multi-diverse technologies.

Entrepreneurship Workshop

ONLINE | Australian Circular Economy Conference | 11.00AM-12.30PM AEDT

Join Boomerang Labs, Australia’s first Circular Economy accelerator, in a hands-on workshop to help you develop new business ideas in areas such as innovative product design, waste management and up-cycling.

Storytelling for Impact

ONLINE | Fishburners | 12.00-1.00PM AEDT

Powerful communication means that can elevate your game when it comes to engaging with your clients and stakeholders and motivate them to take the action you desire. 

Contactile - Ask Me Anything

ONLINE | Cicada Innovations | 12.00-1.00PM AEDT

How can robots with the human sense of touch revolutionise industry?

Tech23 Long Lunch

Ivy Ballroom | Tech23 | 12.00-2.30PM AEDT

Come and celebrate how game changing Australian tech is making enormous changes to the ways we live and work. For 12 years, Tech23 has shone a light on homegrown deeptech companies that have the potential to advance productivity, feed the world, revolutionise healthcare and combat climate change.

SBC FinTech Demo Day 2020

ONLINE | Startupbootcamp | 4.00PM AEDT

This year's FinTech cohort was like none other - 7 companies from across the globe working on expanding into the Australian ecosystem.

Saving Time when Health is on the Line

ONLINE | Venture Cafe | 4.00-5.00PM AEDT

Join Konica Minolta Australia’s 3D Technical Application Engineer, Wojciech Wawrzyniak, as he examines some of these from a realistic perspective. Come along to gain an insight into how they can be harnessed by businesses and doctors to speed up patient recovery and minimise the risk of clinical risk and error. 

AI Ethics: AI Technology in the Healthcare Industry

ONLINE | Venture Cafe | 5.00-6.00PM AEDT

Join AI healthcare experts as they explore how AI technologies are benefiting the healthcare sector, and the ramifications associated with these innovative solutions.

Capital Raising for AI Startups

ONLINE | Venture Cafe | 6.00-7.00PM AEDT

The interactive Capital Raise Panel will consist of 2-3 speakers with varying backgrounds mediated by AI Australia Partner, Callum Bir, and will help uncover the biggest challenges AI startups have when pitching to investors.

Smart Waste Virtual Hackathon: Pitch Night

ONLINE | Australian Circular Economy Conference | 6.00-8.00PM AEDT

Watch teams from the Smart Waste Virtual Hackathon pitch their best ideas for solving the problem of waste to a panel of judges in this “Shark Tank” style pitch event.

MedTech Actuator - Cohort 5 Demo Day

ONLINE | MedTech Actuator | 6.00-8.30PM AEDT

This is your opportunity to hear from and meet promising startups from across Australia, Singapore and India.

Artificial Intelligence Startup Showcase

ONLINE | Venture Cafe | 7.00-7.30PM AEDT

Connect with emerging startups in the artificial intelligence from the AI Incubator and learn how they are changing the world for the better.


Innovative Businesses Enabling the Shift to the Circular Economy

ONLINE | Australian Circular Economy Conference | 10.00-11.00AM AEDT

Hear from startups and investors supporting businesses using waste as a primary input in the development of new products in order to lengthen the lives of our resources. This panel aims to inspire us to think constructively and creatively about waste.

Learning the Big Principles of a Circular Business

ONLINE | Australian Circular Economy Conference | 10.00AM-12.00PM AEDT

Are you new to the Circular Economy? This workshop will introduce the main concepts and show how engineering, design, and business models intersect and work together using real life examples.


Venture Finance Trends with Wilson Sonsini and Special Guests

ONLINE | Nasdaq | 8.00-9.00AM AEDT

Wilson Sonsini will share with us detail directly from their recent Entrepreneurs Report, and the guests will cover trends in the various stages of funding.

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