Weekly Sparks 162

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Is it Possible to Revolutionise Agricultural Spray Applications

ONLINE / Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources / 11.00AM AEST

The CRDC challenge in detail, with experts on hand to answer your detailed questions.

The Story of Social Enterprise Farmwall

ONLINE / Macquarie University / 12.00-1.00PM AEST

Geert Hendrix is the Founder and CEO at Farmwall, an agrifood tech startup that is developing new technologies and business models to transform our cities into food producing ecosystems and to enhance fresh produce accessibility in the city.

Is it Possible to Automate the Detection of Whales at Sea?

ONLINE / Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources / 1.00PM AEST

The NOPSEMA challenge in detail, with experts on hand to answer your detailed questions.

Everyday Automation with Paal Ringstad (GM of Le Wagon)

ONLINE / Luna / 1.00PM AEST

We’re doing more than ever, with more tech than ever. Our social lives are crafted through tweets, likes, links and Tik Toks, our days are arranged through online event calendars and we’re racking up points for digitizing our to-dos. But how do we bring this digital magic into our daily work stream? How can we make tech work for us while we’re working?

Accelerating R&D in NSW - Supporting Startups in the Ecosystem

ONLINE / Sydney Startup Hub / 2.00-2.45PM AEST

Join this forum to discuss some of the suggested recommendations flowing from the accelerating R&D initiative and to also offer your views.

How to Leverage Video During COVID-19

ONLINE / Academy of Entrepreneurs / 6.00-7.30PM AEST

Join the Academy of Entrepreneurs for a valuable video strategy workshop to uncover how to leverage video during COVID-19 with Cristian Trujillo, Founder and Managing Director of Creative Creations.tv!

Start Your Own Business Today

ONLINE / Western BACE / Multi-Day Event

This masterclass will run for 1.5 hours every Tuesday for 6-weeks, to help you explore all the key issues regarding Legal, Accounting, Marketing and Operations. Designed to support everyday people to build and grow your own start-up or small business. Prepare to get your bright idea off the ground, step by step.


Is it Possible to Turn Office Trash into Energy Treasure

ONLINE / Department if Industry, Science, Energy and Resources / 11.00AM AEST

The ARENA challenge in detail, with experts on hand to answer your detailed questions.

"Australia's Deep Tech Opportunity"

ONLINE / Cicada Innovations / 11.00AM-12.00PM AEST

Join Cicada as they look at back at the last 20 years of pioneering deep tech in Australia, and as they look ahead at work to be done for the next 20.

Investing in Startups to Progress the Sustainable Development Goals

ONLINE / hopin / 1.00-2.00PM AEST

In this panel discussion, brought to you by EnergyLab, explore how investors can assess the potential influence of their investments and how they might measure their impact down the line.

Is is Possible to Count Fish Using Advanced Technologies?

ONLINE / Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources / 2.30PM AEST

The AIMS challenge in detail, with experts on hand to answer your detailed questions.

Expanding into Europe and Asia

ONLINE / La Trobe / 4.00-5.30PM AEST

Find out how La Trobe Innovation and Entrepreneurship's global partners can help your business expand internationally.

Open Innovation Competition 2020 Pitch Night

ONLINE / City of Melbourne / 4.00-6.00PM AEST

The City of Melbourne invites innovators, entrepreneurs, businesses, students and the community to find ways to help eliminate the 800,000 tonnes of waste created within the City of Melbourne boundary every year.

ilab Accelerator Pitch Night

ONLINE / UQ Ventures / 5.30-7.00PM AEST

In this tumultuous world of constant change, these entrepreneurs continue to forge ahead to build on opportunities and make a difference. 

Aussie Winter Wines and VinoEd

Sydney Startup Hub / Fishburners / 6.00-8.00PM AEST

VinoEd, Shun Eto will educate you on all the different local wines and teach you a bit more about wine in general.

Evening Yoga for Change Makers

ONLINE / Founder Institute / 8.30-9.30PM AEST

An ancient philosophy and way of living passed down through centuries, the benefits of regularly practicing Yoga go beyond relaxation and recalibration of the mind and body, it also helps us to tap in our unconscious mind which holds our deepest creativity and much more inner resources.


Tour of the Studio

Sydney Startup Hub / The Studio / 12.00-1.00PM AEST

What is The Studio? What amazing benefits do you get by being part of our community? What are our different memberships and programs?

Branding for Startups

Sydney Startup Hub / Fishburners / 12.00-1.00PM AEST

As a startup, your brand has the opportunity to leave a strong first impression. Investing the time and energy into developing a visual identity and defining your message will establish an emotional connection with your consumer. As you show up with consistency, you will earn your audience’s trust and loyalty.

Lessons Learnt from a Startup Growing in Uncertain Times

ONLINE / Macquarie University / 12.00-1.00PM AEST

Join Harry Hubbert, CTO at Greenroom Robotics, to explore lessons learnt from a startup growing in these uncertain times.

Digital Health 2.0: Founder Stories

ONLINE / Cicada Innovations / 12.00-1.00PM AEST

Whether you have an interest in digital health or are passionate about technology with the potential to solve significant global problems - this is an opportunity to hear from those on the ground, doing the work and making a difference.

Is it Possible to Turn Farm Crops into a Renewable Hydrogen Source?

ONLINE / Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources / 1.00PM AEST

The GRDC challenge in detail, with experts on hand to answer your detailed questions.

Demo Day - the Impact Accelerator

ONLINE / The Impact Accelerator / 3.00-5.00PM AEST

This closing event is the ideal time to discover the program and to join the incredible innovation ecosystem the program builds upon and draws invaluable mentors and advisors from.

Venture Cafe Thursdays

ONLINE / Online / 4.00-6.30PM AEST 

Every week Venture Cafe holds a series of events to help you connect with like minded entrepreneurs, and learn something new in the process. This week learn more about grief, innovation in Japan and SHFTHero, the latest staff sharing platform.


Founder Focus

ONLINE / Startup Victoria / 1.00-2.00PM AEST

For this edition of the Startup Success Series, Startup Victoria will be speaking with expert panellists on productivity, prioritisation and focus.

Fin-Tech Pitch Night with Chartered Accountants Australia

Sydney Startup Hub / Fishburners / 5.00-7.00PM AEST

This pitch night will feature a lineup of fin-tech startups, including ones that have worked closely with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.

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