Weekly Sparks 161

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Expanding into Europe and Asia

ONLINE / La Trobe / 4.00-5.30PM AEST

Find out how La Trobe Innovation and Entrepreneurship's global partners can help your business expand internationally.

Sustainable Development: From the Roots to the Goals

ONLINE / Academy of Entrepreneurs / 6.00-7.00PM AEST

Learn the meaning of real sustainability and how it can help us become more creative in promoting innovative solutions the world needs.


The Power of Purpose

ONLINE / Innovation Bay / 8.00AM AEST

Join Innovation Bay to discuss how companies are implementing impact change and how this engages customers, its revenue plus giving back or doing something good in the world.


ONLINE / Peak Persona / 8.30AM-4.00PM AEST

A facilitated day of work sprints for individuals to come together to get their work done. Maximum productivity.

Fireside Chat with the Fastest-Growing Aussie Tech Startup!

ONLINE / Stone & Chalk / 9.00-10.00AM AEST

It seems Linktree is at a tipping point in the internet economy. With 3.4 billion social profiles in the world and only around 20 major social platforms, it's a fragmented and crowded place, with people and brands spreading audiences across many, siloed platforms.

The Future Innovation in Australia

ONLINE / Hatch Quarter / 11.00AM-12.30PM AEST

Participants will be able to ask questions and gain insights on what to expect in the near future for their own startups/investments.

Design Thinking

ONLINE / ACU / 4.00-6.00PM AEST

In this workshop you will actively engage with creative problem-solving techniques. You will seek to understand your product or service and redefine your problems in order to identify alternative strategies for all areas of your business.

Test Your Business Idea

ONLINE / ACU / 5.30-7.30PM AEST

During this session you’ll learn some tips and tricks to test and launch a business idea in a capital efficient way.

How to Build a Tech Business as a Non-Tech Founder

ONLINE / Swinburne / 6.00PM AEST

Join this virtual Masterclass hosted by tech guru Josh Guest, Founder and Director of Innovation at Transpire—Australia’s leading mobile product technology business.

Lessons Learned from International Students Turned Entrepreneurs

ONLINE / Academy of Entrepreneurs / 6.00-7.00PM AEST

Be inspired & empowered by stories of three international students turned entrepreneurs in Australia.

Innovation Through the Disability Lens

ONLINE / Remarkable / 6.30-7.15PM AEST

Join this live session with a remarkable panel to discuss the history and future of technology stemming from disability innovation. The panel will share their insights on why we should look to the disability community to inform, reset and elevate tech innovation.

Stress Management During a Global Crisis

ONLINE / Taikera / 7.30-8.30PM AEST

Do you have trouble managing your stress? Are you regularly feeling overwhelmed and not sure what to do about it? This masterclass will guide you through the reasons stress can occur and why it is so important to correctly manage it.

Evening Yoga for Change Makers

ONLINE / Founder Institute / 8.30-9.30PM AEST

An ancient philosophy and way of living passed down through centuries, the benefits of regularly practicing Yoga go beyond relaxation and recalibration of the mind and body, it also helps us to tap in our unconscious mind which holds our deepest creativity and much more inner resources.


Why You Need a Talent Strategy

Sydney Startup Hub / Fishburners / 12.00-1.00PM AEST

Explore building a talent strategy, to identifying and attracting the right talent, to the process of hiring and on-boarding.

Fighting Fire with AI

ONLINE / Queensland AI Hub / 12.00-1.00PM AEST

Hear from and be inspired by Ruth Luscombe, Technical Product Manager at Fireball International, a tech company that uses satellite and ground-based sensor data combined with deep machine learning software for early wildfire detection, assessment and mapping.

Funding Cleantech Startups

ONLINE / Nectar Creative Communications / 12.30-1.30PM AEST

There’s great potential for financial rewards, but investors need to be motivated by more than monetary gain alone. They need to share the vision and the passion that founders in the sector have – to use technology to benefit society and the environment.

ADVANCE CONNECT: A Conversation with Simon Wardley

ONLINE / Advance / 5.00-6.15PM AEST

As a geneticist with a love of mathematics and a fascination in economics, Simon has always found himself dealing with complex systems, whether it’s in behavioural patterns, environmental risks of chemical pollution, developing novel computer systems or managing companies.

Paint & Sip with Sheila

Sydney Startup Hub / Fishburners / 5.30-8.00PM AEST

Experience a fun and creative night out Painting and Sipping with your friends, colleagues or other like-minded arts and vino enthusiasts in the heart of the Sydney CBD!


Venture & Capital Day 2 - Virtual Investor Conference

ONLINE / Wholesale Investor / 10.00AM-3.00PM AEST

This event aims to shine a spotlight on the technologies, platforms and investment opportunities from across our ecosystem and connect them with an audience of over 1000 high-net-worth investors and professional investment groups (Venture Capital, Private Equity, Funds and Family Offices) industry, government bodies, founders, managing directors and CEOs.

Tour of the Studio

Sydney Startup Hub / The Studio / 12.00-1.00PM AEST

What is The Studio? What amazing benefits do you get by being part of our community? What kind of startups are in our space? Is it a good fit for you? What is included in your membership?

Running Incredible Online Events

ONLINE / Humanitix / 2.00-3.00PM AEST

Hear firsthand from the CEO and co-founder of Humanitix, Adam McCurdie, who is joined by Alexi Boyd, The Conversation Curator, on this interactive Masterclass on ways to make your online event stand out from the rest.

Test Your Business Idea

ONLINE / iAccelerate / 5.30-7.30PM AEST

During this session you’ll learn some tips and tricks to test and launch a business idea in a capital efficient way.

National Science Week Hackathon

ONLINE / ANSTO / Multi-Day Event

How can we use our oceans to innovate for a changing climate?

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