Weekly Sparks 160

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Discover Le Wagon's Bootcamp

ONLINE / Le Wagon / 6.30-8.00PM AEST

Stuck in an industry you don't like? It's time to change your life by learning how to code!


The Role of UX Design in the Business Ecosystem

ONLINE / Academy Xi / 11.00AM-12.00PM AEST

Examine UX's place inside organisations, and map the dotted lines it has to other departments and functions.

Expanding into Europe and Asia

ONLINE / La Trobe / 4.00-5.30PM AEST

Find out how La Trobe Innovation and Entrepreneurship's global partners can help your business expand internationally.

Entrepreneurship, Beauty and Us

ONLINE / Academy of Entrepreneurs / 6.00-7.00PM AEST

Meet the founders of Caviar Feeling, an Australian-based digital magazine of all things beauty, wellness and lifestyle!

No One Cares About Your World-Changing Idea: Here's How to Change That

ONLINE / Founder Institute / 6.30-7.30PM AEST

How to do you communicate your vision in a clear and compelling way? How do you get buy-in from talented people to join your team?


Startup Stories - Erich Kisi (MGA Thermal)

ONLINE / I2N Hub / 8.00-9.00AM AEST

Hear the experiences of an entrepreneur and business owner – the highs, the lows, the wins, the mistakes, the inside story.

Building Australia's Fastest Growing Company

ONLINE / Stone & Chalk / 12.00-1.00PM AEST

Afterpay is one of the biggest tech success stories of the decade - but do you know how a couple of young Kiwi entrepreneurs helped propel it into the $14 billion venture it is today? 

Making Facebook Ads Work for You and Your Business

ONLINE / ACU / 12.30-1.30PM AEST

Learn how to use Facebook Ads to grow your business.

Mindset & Motivation with Matt Poole

ONLINE / Luna / 1.00PM AEST

Join Luna to explore how to build and sustain a positive mindset and consistent motivation, and learn some practical tips to build into your daily habits.

When Wine Meets Tech


Explore the future of wine across four areas with the enablers, inventors and adopters that will shape it.

Remarkable SYD20 Demo Day

ONLINE / Remarkable / 5.30PM ACST

This event is a celebration of the incredible work and growth that has taken place by all of the SYD20 disability-tech startups over the course of Remarkable's 16-week accelerator program.

Ideas Anonymous

ONLINE / Vast Experiences / 6.00-8.00PM AEST

Ideas Anonymous is a "self-help" group for people with ideas. We get together to talk about our ideas, bounce them around, give and get feedback and work out plans to implement them.

Evening Yoga for Change Makers

ONLINE / Founder Institute / 8.30-9.30PM AEST

An ancient philosophy and way of living passed down through centuries, the benefits of regularly practicing Yoga go beyond relaxation and recalibration of the mind and body, it also helps us to tap in our unconscious mind which holds our deepest creativity and much more inner resources.


Networking in Nature

Royal Botanic Gardens / Piccolo Me Cafe / 7.00-8.45AM AEST

This morning walk will be co-hosted by Genevieve De la Reux, Philanthropist, Founder and CEO of GBV Charitable Trust - a rescue centre in Kenya providing a second chance in life to children who have fallen victim to violent abuse, sex trafficking, rape and child marriage.

Ascend Winter 2020: Final Presentation

ONLINE / Cruxes / 10.00-11.30AM AEST

Hear from six great research teams and their mentors about their journey through Ascend over the past ten weeks, discovering the impact for their research project through industry & community engagement.

Using Financial Reports to Make Better Strategic Decisions

Sydney Startup Hub / Fishburners / 12.00-1.00PM AEST

Join Fishburners for some key pain points most business owners face during their growth and how to go about answering them.

Startup Chats

ONLINE / SPARK Deakin / 12.30-1.30PM AEST

In this five-part series of free fortnightly sessions you will get to virtually meet incredible founders who will be sharing key learnings from their journey (how they got started, what mistakes they’ve made, and their best advice).

Medical and Assistive Devices - Transforming Ideas to Reality

ONLINE / La Trobe / 4.00-5.00PM AEST

Join MDPP and an expert panel on the process used to transform ideas to commercially viable products.

Venture Cafe Thursdays

ONLINE / Venture Cafe / 4.00-7.00PM AEST

Another selection of amazing events this week. From clearing your Series B, making money with a clear conscience or a panel on the ethics of AI, there's something for everyone.


Tour of the Studio

Sydney Startup Hub / The Studio / 12.00-1.00PM AEST

What is The Studio? What amazing benefits do you get by being part of our community? What kind of startups are in our space? Is it a good fit for you? What is included in your membership?

Education Pitch Night

Sydney Startup Hub / Fishburners / 5.00-7.00PM AEST

Join Fishburners to hear from a lineup of education tech startups.

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