Weekly Sparks 151

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Cohuna Digital Opportunities Roadshow

ONLINE / Digital Innovation Futures Victoria / 9.00-11.00AM AEST

Come along to this free workshop event in your region to build your own practical action plan of next steps and come away with digital skills to assist planning and growing your small business.


Building a Consumer-Driven Product with Rachel Neumann

ONLINE / Blackbird / 8.00AM AEST

Rachael Neumann is the Head of Startups Australia and New Zealand at AWS. She sits on the Board of Directors for StartupAUS and is a Startmate Partner. In this session, Rachael will share her wealth of knowledge on consumer-products, consumer design and customer experience.

Academy Xi's Story: Virtual Education in the COVID Era

ONLINE / Academy Xi / 11.00AM-12.00PM AEST

In this Webinar, the curtain will be pulled back, revealing the nuts and bolts of Academy Xi's digital re-invention.

The 101 of RegTech

ONLINE / RegTech / 12.00-1.00PM AEST

This event is suitable for anyone interested to understand more about regulatory and compliance technology across any regulated industry verticals.

How to Turn Contracts into Colleagues

ONLINE / ACU / 12.30-1.30PM AEST

During this Lunch and Learn session, serial entrepreneur and Collaborate Plus member, Robert Salisbury will explore the processes beneficial to successfully targeting who needs your expertise, and how your skills fit into their system.

Managing Remote Teams


In this 60-minute discussion with Luna Head of Programs, Sam du Preez - Iwo will unpack his perspective, experience and insights on building the skills to lead remote teams.

Explore Different Opportunities in the Tech World

ONLINE / Digital Innovation Futures Victoria / 1.00-5.00PM AEST

This event will allow participants to keep abreast of their professional development through several thought industry led sessions that will highlight the ways in which student and graduates can stand out and succeed in the tech world. 


VC Panel Revisited

ONLINE / Innovation Bay / 8.00AM AEST

Innovation Bay have asked back their panel of experienced VCs, Michelle Deaker (OneVentures), Craig Blair (AirTree), Paul Bassat (SquarePeg), and Rick Baker (Blackbird). They will reflect on the crisis, the “new normal”, and observations of the wider economic impacts.

Startup Stories - Kylie Burrett (Design Nuts)

ONLINE / I2N / 8.00-9.00AM AEST

Kylie Burrett believes most people are capable of drawing in the same way most people are capable of reading. She and her husband, Glenn Lawrence, have spent years working with children of all ages, which has helped them realise a fundamental gap in spatial reasoning education.

Tackling Uncertainty in the VC/Startup Relationship

ONLINE / Australian Landing Pads / 9.00AM AEST

Join a global panel of VCs for an open discussion on navigating the VC/Startup relationship in the current investment climate. The session will share tips and actionable insights for Australian founders in engaging with early-stage investors now and into the future. 

Innovation in a Time of Crisis

ONLINE / Digital Innovation Futures Victoria / 10.30AM-12.00PM AEST

In this informative webinar, APR.Intern and CSIRO invite you to learn more about the trends forecasted to follow the pandemic, growth opportunities and how digitalisation can help future-proof your business.

Startups and Corporates - Together We Can Redefine Corporate Australia

ONLINE / aiia / 4.00-5.00PM AEST

In this talk LaunchVic CEO Kate Cornick will explore how, post pandemic, corporate Australia, SMEs and our startup ecosystem can work more effectively to drive outcomes that will support our economic recovery.


Founder Connect

ONLINE / Startup Victoria / 8.00-9.00AM AEST

Startup Victoria's Founder Connect program is a series of weekly online networking sessions designed to maximise your minutes by helping you forge valuable connections with your peers from the startup community. 

What Now? AI & the Future of Work

ONLINE / Stone & Chalk / 8.30-9.30AM ACST

With the disruption of unemployment globally and that artificial intelligence will be used to replace the human element of a business raises reasonable fears. What are the strategies for role reshaping and where should we upskill in order to gain longevity in our current roles? 

The MVP is Dead... Long Live the MVP

ONLINE / Fishburners / 12.00PM AEST

How should I get my MVP built? A valid question, however, building and launching an MVP is simply one of the tools at a founder's disposal to hit the real goal - finding problem/solution fit.

Tim Doyle, Eucalyptus

ONLINE / Innovation Bay / 12.00PM AEST

Tim Doyle is the co-founder of Eucalyptus, a brand engine that builds and runs digital consumer companies. In less than a year they launched two products: "Pilot" a medical advisor for a generation of young men that are poorly served by the medical community. And in January they launched their second brand "Kin", to empower women with the information, products, and access to the health care they need to take control of their fertility.

Neuroscience of Communication & Influence

ONLINE / Vitae / 1.00-2.00PM AEST

In Vitae.Coach’s Neuroscience of Communication and Influence online session, attendees will learn how to become an influential communicator both inside and outside of the workplace. 


Ruby for Beginners

ONLINE / Le Wagon / 10.00AM-2.30PM AEST

Learn the basics of Ruby, one of the most popular back-end languages, in just a few hours!

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