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Mind Over Matter: How to Kickstart Your Business

ONLINE / General Assembly / 11.30AM-12.30PM AEST

Join GA for a masterclass webinar where you will learn mindset hacks for increased focus, motivation and taking massive action on your goals. They'll help you master your mindset for your ultimate success and you’ll walk away feeling inspired, clear and ready to make moves on your business ideas and be equipped to kick off with a solid plan.

Why Public Blockchain is the Future

ONLINE / Blockchain Professionals / 5.30-6.30PM AEST

In this talk, discuss why companies should be on the public blockchain, key developments to EY’s suite of tools announced during the summit, example use cases of these tools and their impact, and finally, provide a demonstration of https://blockchain.ey.com, home to many of EY’s blockchain tools and enablers.

Le Wagon Open Evening

ONLINE / Le Wagon / 6.30-8.30PM AEST

Curious about Le Wagon's bootcamp? Questions about the remote batches they are running in Melbourne? Come to their Open Evening!


Product-Market Fit with Adam Flynn

ONLINE / Blackbird / 8.00AM AEST

Have your questions answered live on topics such as Growth, Product, Go-To-Market, Goal Setting and Fundraising.

Elicia McDonald (AirTree Ventures)

ONLINE / Startup Playbook / 8.00AM AEST

In this live podcast interview, hear about AirTree's investment process, how Elicia builds conviction when making investment decisions and how VC funds like AirTree are approaching investment opportunities now and post COVID! 

Your Iso Guide to R&D Governance and Regulator Activity

ONLINE / Innovation Bay / 12.00PM AEST

Join Dr Jehan Kanga (KPMG High Growth Ventures), an expert in R&D tax, Grants, and Early Stage Innovation Incentives, as they demystify the changes and help you to discover which funding avenues you can explore.

Innovation that Matters

ONLINE / The University of Melbourne / 12.30PM AEST

As the world move through COVID19 pandemic, health concerns, financial disruption, and the breakdowns of supply chains have had a very adverse impact on our society. This is a major disruption.

How to Increase the Visibility of Your Emerging Tech Product

ONLINE / Taikera / 12.30-1.30PM AEST

The startup space is a crowded one, and you are not only competing locally anymore but on a global scale. How do you cut through the noise and catch the attention of your targeted customers and clients? 

Global Startup Support Program Virtual Membership Info Session

ONLINE / WeWork / 2.00-3.00PM AEST

Join WeWork for a chat about what a virtual Labs membership can offer you, hear about some of our success stories, and ask us your questions.

Founder Stories: Romain Bonjean

ONLINE / Tank Stream Labs / 4.00-4.45PM AEST

Romain founded and built Lumigenix, Australia’s first direct to consumer genomics company, recognising the vast potential of advancements in genotyping technology to transform healthcare. This passion for healthcare has continued with the development of Tyde, a connected care platform leveraging the My Health Record infrastructure and now with Rosemary Health. Romain is also a mentor and investor at Startmate.

How to Optimise Your LinkedIn

ONLINE / Academy of Entrepreneurs / 4.00-5.00PM AEST

Join Hub Australia and LinkedIn specialist Kylie Chown to learn about your LinkedIn positioning and how to optimise your personal profile. 

Human-Centered Design Thinking

ONLINE / The University of Sydney / 5.00PM AEST

The masterclass introduces you to what it’s like to be working as a user experience (UX) designer. You’ll hear from industry experts and we will take you through some of the human-centred design methods used for creating digital products.

The Art of Storytelling

ONLINE / Academy of Entrepreneurs / 6.00-7.00PM AEST

Learn the art of storytelling, why it is SO important, and how it change your way of presenting – forever!

Pitch Night: Startup Survivors

ONLINE / Startup Victoria / 6.00-7.30PM AEST

Pitch Night: Startup Survivors is for those startups who are persevering, surviving, and maybe even thriving in this new environment.


Imagining the Future of the Ecosystem

ONLINE / Innovation Bay / 8.00AM AEST

An ecosystem’s success depends on a network of connected organisations all interacting with one another. For startups that infrastructure is accelerators, incubators, coworking, funding, and community groups; all of these things help talent, ideas and capital cluster together so that startups can grow.

Is it 2021 Yet?

ONLINE / General Assembly / 11.00AM-12.00PM AEST

Join Vanessa Lawrence, Publisher at Pedestrian Group, to unpack what they discovered about how COVID-19 is affecting young people. The findings varied with gender, employment and many other factors and is a snapshot of how Australia's youth feel about life in iso aka the ‘new normal’, and beyond. 

Rachel Yang, Giant Leap Fund

ONLINE / Innovation Bay / 12.00PM AEST

Giant Leap is Australia's first venture capital fund dedicated to investing in rapidly scalable, early stage businesses that fuse profit and purpose across three impact themes: health and wellbeing, sustainable living, and empowering people. Giant Leap has 18 portfolio companies to date. The fund is backed by the Impact Investment Group, a leading Australian funds manager whose mission is to shift capital towards impact investments.

Speak Up with Impact Online

ONLINE / ACU / 12.30-1.30PM AEST

On completion of the session you will be able to identify and use tips, tools and techniques to present and engage interactively online. 

Export Market Development Grant & Export Capital Facility

ONLINE / Austrade / 1.00-2.00PM AEST

This webinar will explore the recent changes to the export market development grant and the export capital facility. This webinar will explore the recent changes to the export market development grant and the export capital facility.

Developing Great Products with Phil Williamson

ONLINE / Canberra Innovation Network / 2.00-3.30PM AEST

Visionary entrepreneur Phil Williamson founded and drove the building of Intelledox’s Infiniti suite of products. Discuss his experience and learn from his approach. Ask him anything.

Joining the Dots Virtually - Adapting to Change

ONLINE / University of Newcastle / 5.00-7.00PM AEST

Join like-minded creative business people, innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs to stay informed and connected. For May's Join the Dots event, I2N will flip the physical dynamic as we dive into how businesses are adapting to change, hosted in the I2N Virtual Hub.

ACU EdTech Event! In Conversation with Adrian Tyson

ONLINE / University of Newcastle / 5.00-7.00PM AEST

Join like-minded creative business people, innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs to stay informed and connected. For May's Join the Dots event, I2N will flip the physical dynamic as we dive into how businesses are adapting to change, hosted in the I2N Virtual Hub.

Ideas Anonymous

ONLINE / Vast Experiences / 6.00-8.30PM AEST

Ideas Anonymous is a place for people with open minds and open hearts. It thrives on the diversity of backgrounds of its attendees. Your unique background and perspective will beautifully enhance everyone’s ideas.

Masterclass with Canva Co-Founder, Cameron Adams

ONLINE / Swinburne University / 6.30-7.30PM AEST

Drawing from his experience as a founder of Fluent, a designer at Google and as a co-founder of one of Australia’s most successful tech companies, you’ll learn about reaching product market fit, building loyal audiences and growing your business rapidly.


Pitching and Funding Options

ONLINE / The Hills Shire Council / 10.00AM-12.00PM AEST

This online webinar is for those who need to gain a quick understanding of the different funding options available to businesses as they grow. It includes a focus on preparing pitch ideas, the background work that goes into producing a pitch, and pitching techniques.

The Lean Canvas

ONLINE / The Hills Shire Council / 12.00PM AEST

This is a hands-on workshop to help you understand how to evaluate how to pivot quickly and efficiently using the Lean Canvas. It's a jump-in-the-trenches-with-me kind of workshop. 

Neuroscience of Change & Productivity

ONLINE / Vitae / 1.00-2.00PM AEST

This workshop aims to help people neurologically understand stress and how to use acute stress as positive thinking fuel. 

Data Science for Social Good

ONLINE / Vitae / 1.00-2.00PM AEST

This webinar will retell the events of Viz For Social Good & Jason will elaborate more about the tech behind doing viz for social good. 

Virtual Melbourne Soup 

ONLINE / Melbourne Soup / 7.00-8.00PM AEST

A talk show with feel-good stories and a couple of songs from local musicians. It's Melbourne SOUP's first ever online event!


Funding Your Ideas and Solutions to Heal the World

ONLINE / Blockchain Professionals / 10.00AM-7.00PM AEST

Planet Wide SOS Hackathon is an opportunity to fund your ideas and solutions to heal our world in crisis.

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