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Demystifying Term Sheets

Sydney CBD / BlueChilli / 12.30-1.30PM

In association with BlueChilli, Sydney Angels is very pleased to present this engaging workshop on Demystifying Term Sheets as a part of this year's Spark Festival.

Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains and the Future of the Internet

Sydney CBD / Event Cinemas / 5.45-8.00PM

Join award-winning filmmaker Torsten Hoffmann for the Sydney red carpet Opening Night ceremony of his latest documentary, Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains and the Future of the Internet.

Ideas Feast - Pitch Night

Sydney CBD / Haymarket HQ / 6.00-9.00PM

Pitch event for international students with big business ideas.

Unlocking Your Full Potential

Sydney Startup Hub / Tank Stream Labs / 3.00-4.00PM

Join Julie Demsey, Mindset Coach, Hypnotherapist & Startup Advisor to learn how you can unlock your mind to free your potential.


Delivering Smart Products

Bella Vista / Circuitwise / 10.00AM-12.00PM

This seminar is an opportunity for product developers to understand the practicalities of how to design and manufacture a smart device, ready for global distribution.

STEAM for Educators: Crafting with Electronics

Rhodes / The Learning Space / 6.30-8.00PM

Crafting with Electronics is a free monthly meet-up run by The Learning Space, encouraging hands-on making, experimentation, and skills sharing.

Lunch & Learn Lean Canvas Session

Tamworth / UNE SMART Region Incubator / 12.30-1.00PM

Guided by the SRI team, you’ll be able to test out your great idea and develop your own one-page business model.

HHQ Asia Speed Mentoring Night

Sydney CBD / Haymarket HQ / 6.00-8.00PM

This event provides a relaxed and intimate forum for those looking to get advice on expanding into Asian Markets or starting a business.

How to Bring Your Ideas to Light in a Busy World

Sydney Startup Hub / Fishburners / 12.00-1.00PM

In this talk, Merja delves into what it takes to create “the perfect idea” and how to communicate it to make it stand out.

Ask Me Anything with Atlassian's Scott Farquhar

Sydney CBD / Atlassian / 5.30-7.30PM

Have you ever wanted to ask the Co-founders of Atlassian a question? Well, here's your chance.

Start Up Maths

Sydney Startup Hub / Stone and Chalk / 12.30-2.00PM

They say valuation can be as much an art as a science, and there is definitely a psychology at play during capital raising negotiations. We'll run through 4 ways of valuing your startup to give you an operating range of valuation as a base to confidently negotiate from.

R&D Tax Incentive: How it Works

Sydney CBD / WeWork / 6.00-8.00PM

The R&D Tax Incentive can help massively by providing up to 43.5% of eligible R&D expenditure, in many cases leading to $10,000 to $500,000 back on your R&D spend.


The Inclusivity Experiment

Ultimo / UTS Central / 8.00-10.30AM

This event curated for Spark Festival will offer an opportunity to be involved in co-creating the future of ethical education, making a unique contribution to educational outcomes for the next generation.

Regional Smart People, Smart Ideas

Bathurst / Upstairs Startup Hub / 5.00-7.30PM

The Upstairs Startup Hub will be showcasing regional strategic partnerships for the emerging entrepreneur ecosystem. 

Journalism Wisdom with Gaven Morris

Sydney Startup Hub / The Studio / 12.30-1.30PM

Gaven will step through how he and the News leadership team set about leading the major cultural, operational and structural changes required, under the umbrella of a three-year strategy titled “Equal Digital Life”.

Creative Innovation: Creative Models and Methods

Sydney Startup Hub / Level 1 / 9.00AM-1.00PM

This session takes your brain on a Creative Detour, a creative process that goes beyond the standard techniques.

How Blockchain Will Impact the Music Industry

Sydney Startup Hub / The Studio / 5.30-9.30PM

The Australasian Blockchain Music Association (ABMA) presents an event, How Blockchain will impact the Music Industry by showcasing Music Startups who are developing and have already brought products to market.

Career Hack: Australia's Tech Recruitment Fair

Sydney Startup Hub / Level 1 / 6.00-8.30PM

Launch your career into the stratosphere; land a role at one of Australia's fastest growing companies.

Twalkfest 2019

Sydney Startup Hub / Level 1 / 7.15-9.00AM

Come on a harbour foreshore walk: Walk the Twalk to Thrive with me, Tania Beck Soulos, and the Twalk team.

SheScalesGlobal Network - Winning at Sales

Sydney CBD / YBF Sydney / 7.30-9.30AM

If you're a female business leader on a path to global expansion and keen to meet others on a similar journey PLUS gain valuable insights from experts on scaling globally then come along and join our SheScalesGlobal network.

Designathon and Pitchfest

Sydney CBD / Atlassian / 9.00AM-7.00PM

Enter a high school team for this year’s designathon and pitchfest hosted by Atlassian – the largest Australian software company and facilitated by Young Change Agents who help young people see problems as opportunities through the lens of social entrepreneurship!

Crossing the Chasm

Sydney CBD / WeWork / 5.45-8.00PM

How do you market and sell your product and service to ensure that you are able to grow out of the early stage and move into targeting the mass market?

The New Disruptors: Reimagining Your Future

Sydney CBD / WeWork / 5.00-8.30PM

For anyone who thought that startup success was only for millennials, think again - learn what makes a successful impact on the market and how you can do it.

Tech23 2019

Surry Hills / The Auditorium / 9.00AM-5.00PM

For eleven years and counting, Tech23 has given a stage to Australians using tech to solve great challenges. Each year, 23 young companies present to a network of esteemed Industry Leaders, and potential enterprise customers, investors, mentors and collaborators.

Open Banking Summit

Sydney CBD / Sydney Harbour Marriott / Multi-Day Event

Taking you beyond compliance to unpack how you can harness the opportunities Open Banking presents, the 2nd Open Banking Summit running on the 22nd – 24th October 2019 in Sydney will provide you with what you need to create cutting-edge customer experiences and be ready for February 2020.

10 Steps to Success for Women in Business

North Sydney / ACU / 6.00-8.00PM

If you’re looking to grow your business, complete a task you’ve been putting off, increase your confidence and your results then, this event is for you!

Data Buzz 2019

North Sydney / ACU / 8.00-10.00AM

Come to this event to learn how you can use data to maximise your revenue, and increase your data security.


The War (For Talent) Is Over!

Sydney Startup Hub / Stone and Chalk / 10.30AM-12.00PM

Discuss how the workplace is changing, why culture matters, how to align people to your brand and build advocacy, and how to create a compelling employee value proposition that is more than just words on a page.

Don't Build a Business, Build a Brand

Sydney Startup Hub / Level 1 / 3.00-4.30PM

Join Principals Strategy Director, Moensie Rossier as she shares her thoughts on how to build a brand, not just a business.

Nandin Spotlight: ModularWalls

Lucas Heights / ANSTO / 10.00-11.00AM

In 2003, Nick Holden was refused council approval for a rendered brick front wall. Rather than take this as the final answer, he took on this challenge. Nick created a product that emulated the high-end aesthetic of a rendered brick wall, yet satisfied council requirements, and thus the Modular Wall was born.

Adding Value to Your Start Up Through Intellectual Property

North Sydney / Griffith Hack / 5.30-7.00PM

Whether it’s a new invention, a brand name or a song you’ve written, there are IP considerations you need to be aware of from the genesis of a business.

The Neuroscience of Leadership Workshop

Sydney CBD / Tank Stream Labs @ Bridge St / 12.30-1.30PM

Using the modern principles of neuroscience, this Neuroscience of Leadership session equips you with all the tools and neurohacks (quick brain hacks) you need to become the impactful and influential leader you desire.

Startup & Angels

Sydney CBD / WeWork / 6.00-9.00PM

Startup&Angels is back in Sydney with a special edition for the Spark Festival! Join them for their exclusive networking event.

How to Build an EdTech Startup

North Sydney / ACU / 5.30-8.00PM

Explore everything relating to how starting and growing your Edtech venture: from how to develop your idea into a digital solution, how to crack the market, how to get your product sold to a thousand schools and how to demonstrate value adding to school principals and decision makers.

ConsenSys + WWF Present Impactio: Scaling Impact Through Technology

Sydney CBD / NAB House / 5.30-7.30PM

Join the discussion on our systems approach to channeling innovation and impact investing to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

SheEO Breakfast and Simulcast

Sydney CBD / muru-D / 8.30-10.30AM

Gather with other Australian SheEO Activators and people who want to learn more about becoming an Activator or a Venture. Come hear from the founders of Australia’s FIVE Inaugural SheEO Ventures.

UN Sustainable Development Goals: Getting It Right

Sydney Startup Hub / Fishburners / 5.30-8.00PM

The objective of this panel discussion is to inform anyone interested in social impact about what works, and what doesn’t, when achieving the Sustainable Development Goals laid out by the United Nations.

The Future of Marketing

Sydney Startup Hub / Laneway Education / 6.00-9.00PM

Three panelists will each give a 10-15 minute presentation on where they perceive the marketing industry will go in the next five years as well as touching on other topics.

Kickstart Your Innovation Growth Strategy

Sydney CBD / WeWork / 4.00-6.00PM

In this interactive workshop, innovation strategist and facilitator, Gabrielle Martinovich from Definitude Consulting will look at strategies to help you switch on your growth acceleration, generate a whole of business mindset and measure your growth potential.

Innovation in Global Health

Newtown / The George Institute for Global Health / 2.00-5.30PM

Join The George Institute for Global Health and Genovate to explore the impact that innovation and social entrepreneurship can have on healthcare around the world.

Manly Festival of Innovation - Roadtest Your Business Idea

Seaforth / Seaforth Village Community Centre / 10.00AM-7.00PM

Come to this practical event to share your idea and get valuable feedback from the SEVENmile experts.

Raising Capital - Investment 101

Sydney Startup Hub / Fishburners / 12.00-1.00PM

Guided by startup industry experts and a startup investor, you'll have the opportunity to deep dive into the critical topics currently facing your business.


Indigenous Rights, Business and the Sustainable Development Goals

Alexandria / The Kafnu Centre / 9.00AM-5.00PM

Through the program our policy experts provide real-life case studies and scenarios to apply Indigenous Rights Framework in business and across your company SDGs plans.

iAccelerate Roadshow

Sydney Startup Hub / Innovation Room / 11.00AM-2.00PM

This Roadshow is an interactive event to engage with iAccelerate's innovative resident companies to learn more about what they're working on.

Climathon Sydney

Sydney Startup Hub / Fishburners / Multi-Day Event

Join a high-energy, impact-focused hackathon to find solutions to one of Sydney’s most pressing climate challenges: extreme temperatures.

Fail Fast & Be Fine!

St Leonards / WorkBee / 6.00-8.30PM

Explore how to analyse and best capitalise on the lessons of past mistakes, whilst also focusing on dealing with the very real emotional burdens of venturing into your startup journey.

Marketing Leadership Mastery

Sydney CBD / WeWork / 9.30-AM-5.00PM

Learn new approaches to gain deep customer insights that will enable you build a leading-edge marketing strategy as well as the skills you’ll need to become a world-class people leader in marketing.

Learn to Get and Give Killer Keynotes

Sydney CBD / Hall Chadwick / 9.30AM-5.00PM

This one-day workshop will show you how to identify, target and secure relevant public speaking opportunities. You’ll learn to create high impact, relevant content that aligns with your personal strengths and professional objectives.

Fintech Genesis

Darlington / Abercrombie Building / 6.00-7.00PM

The Fintech Genesis Finale, is where the best of the best come together to battle it out in a competition of determination, progress and grit all vying for the $25,000 cash.


SYD Hardware Day

Darlington / INCUBATE Hub / 9.00AM-12.45PM

Calling all Hardware founders, funders and friends - this half day event has something for everyone!

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