Spark your Impact

If you browse our program of over 130 events this year, you’ll find plenty to see and learn across NSW in October, from the 10th to the 27th.

We all have a passion for change and a desire to leave our little corner of the world a better place, right? Spark Festival brings you the opportunity to learn how to make that happen. So if you are getting started with your world-changing side-hustle, looking to build a movement, or wondering how to truly embed the UN's Sustainable Development Goals into your organisation, make sure to attend these events that will have you on the path to sparking your impact before you know it. 


UN Sustainable Development Goals: Getting It Right

Oct 24, Sydney CBD

What works, and what doesn’t, when an organisation is implementing the Sustainable Development Goals as laid out by the United Nations? Learn directly from the UNHCR and find out how organisations as diverse as Atlassian and the Wayside Chapel are getting it right.

Sydney B Local: B Corp Panel

Oct 15, Sydney CBD

The panel will bring together leaders from successful B Corp businesses in Sydney, from superannuation, B2B services, crowdfunding and food, learn how these businesses are using the power of purpose to fuel their impact and their business success.

Human Centred Design plays for your start-up

Oct 16, The Rocks

Tired of the same old brainstorming sessions? Want to learn a better way to solve problems and hatch bold, new ideas? And let's face it, the world needs A LOT of those right now. Join the super-smart team at Airteam for an interactive evening of thought exercises designed to rapidly generate ideas and distil them into solidified concepts. You'll leave with a head-full of ideas and a bag-full of tricks, plus some goodies! All proceeds from this event donated to a good cause.

The Social Enterprise Formula

Oct 15, Sydney CBD

Presented by social impact crowdfunding platform and innovation agency this presentation and discussion will demystify social enterprise and explore why doing good can be such good business today.

Mastering the Art of Impact Storytelling

Oct 17, Surry Hills

Impact storytelling is the lifeblood of start-ups. It’s one of the most important ways your organisation connects with new and existing customers, shares your achievements, and articulates your impact. Learn how storytelling is as much an art as it is a science.

Crowdfunding for Social Enterprises and Impact Projects

Oct 14, Haymarket

Practical workshop for social enterprises interested in using crowdfunding to launch new products and services, also relevant for anyone with a community benefit project you need to raise funds for.

Impactio: scaling impact through technology

Oct 24, Sydney CBD

As the scale of the social and environmental challenges we face continues to grow, new, innovative approaches are needed to enable impact at scale and to channel the capital that is available for impact projects. PS the goal of the platform is to close the $2.5 TR annual funding gap to meet the UN SDGs by 2030.

Shifting The Focus to Community

Oct 15, North Sydney

We live in a society that is more individualistic and competitive rather than cooperative. We need to explore social innovation and enterprise solutions to not only tackle specific issues but also to look after whole communities. Join this event to explore how we can draw on our strengths, passions and creativity and come together for the common good.

Uncovering Indigenous Innovation

Oct 17, Camperdown

This panel will bring together Indigenous speakers and design thinkers to explore some of these innovations through an entrepreneurial lens and to reflect on the value of Indigenous thinking for today's society.

The war (for talent) is over!

Oct 24, Sydney CBD

Finding the right people, retaining them and creating an environment where they can thrive is a key ingredient for success. In a world of fake news, royal commissions and public scandals people are looking for meaning, a sense of purpose and an opportunity to contribute. Join Principals as they share their tips on how attract and retain the right people.

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