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How to Kickstart Your Customer

ONLINE / General Assembly / 6.00-7.30PM AEST

In this panel discussion, four highly-experienced marketing professionals will be sharing their advice, tips and tricks on how to breathe new life into your businesses' marketing.

Responsible Tech2020

ONLINE / Slatterys / Multiple Days

Join leading researchers, inspirational thinkers and those with hands-on case-studies to explore how we can navigate and negotiate ethical issues and embed values and ethics into the everyday of our organisations.

H2O Hack

ONLINE / Centre for Entrepreneurial Agri-Technology / Multiple Days

H2O Hack aims to generate innovative solutions to future-proof Australian water. Teams of up to six people will work together to focus broadly on the applications of technology to improve water-use efficiency in Australia in the agrifood sector.


Storytelling for PR with Kate Dinon

ONLINE / Blackbird / 8.00AM AEST

Kate Dinon is a communications and public relations strategist with over fifteen years of global experience advising startups, technology and design companies. In this session, Kate will teach you how to utilise the power of storytelling for public relations.

Datacentres for Regional NSW

ONLINE / Innovate Orange / 5.00-6.00PM AEST

Innovate Orange have invited CEO Chris Thorpe and his team to take you through how Leading Edge Data Centres will be helping people and communities be better connected in regional Australia.


Going Green: The New Economy

ONLINE / City of Sydney / 9.00-10.00AM AEST

Holly Ransom speaks with Danny Kennedy, CEO, New Energy Nexus, in California and a panel of local experts on Australia’s green economic potential and how Sydney can leverage its strengths to lead this space.

The Post-COVID Recovery

ONLINE / Stone & Chalk / 12.00-1.00PM AEST

What does the post-Covid recovery of the property market look like? How has the proptech industry been affected? And have those real estate businesses that adopted tech earlier come through the pandemic better than others?

Student to Startup - Meet the Founder of Gecko Traxx

ONLINE / Incubate / 12.30-1.30PM AEST

Hear from Ryan about his journey of taking an idea from a Uni project and turning it into a business. Hear what was challenging and what support got him to where he is today, including from the James Dyson Award.

Evening Yoga for Entrepreneurs

ONLINE / Founder Institute / 8.30-9.30PM AEST

An ancient philosophy and way of living passed down through centuries, the benefits of regularly practicing Yoga go beyond relaxation and recalibration of the mind and body, it also helps us to tap in our unconscious mind which holds our deepest creativity and much more inner resources.


Founder Connect

ONLINE / Startup Victoria / 12.00-1.00PM AEST

Startup Victoria's Founder Connect program is a series of weekly online networking sessions designed to maximise your minutes by helping you forge valuable connections with your peers from the startup community - all over a lunch hour!

Skalata Ventures Seed Investment Program Info Session

ONLINE / Skalata Ventures / 5.30-7.00PM AEST

Learn more about Skalata's Seed Investment Program and hear from some of their portfolio companies at this information session.

The Future of Food: How Entrepreneurs are Innovating

ONLINE / City of Sydney / 6.00-7.30PM AEST

Hear how groundbreaking innovators are tackling our growing food and environmental crisis.

EnergyTech Hub

ONLINE / Startupbootcamp / All Day

Unpacking Sustainable Led Recovery.


Virtual Medtech Pitch Night with Pen CS

ONLINE / Fishburners / 5.00PM AEST

Fishburners understands this unique time has brought to life some incredible Medtech startups, so partnering with Pen CS, they will share the amazing work that is being undertaken in this space.


HTML & CSS for Beginners

ONLINE / Le Wagon / 10.00AM-2.30PM AEST

New to programming and coding? No worries! This is a workshop for beginners who have never (or almost never) written a line of code.

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