This is what makes Spark Festival special

People often ask, how can a lean operation like Spark run such a massive festival with over 160 events? How can it have grown so quicklyHow did it take off so widely in regional NSW?

The answers lies in the fact that, in a sense, Spark doesn't really run the festival at all. By and large the events that comprise the program are produced by the people and organisations who make up the ecosystem. Spark is simply the connective tissue that takes what would be a collection of disparate events and turns them into a massive program that really puts startups, innovation and entrepreneurship on the map.

So with that in mind we wanted to acknowledge the ecosystem's immense goodwill, the willingness to give back, and the capacity for setting aside competitiveness.

Because without these things, there would be no Spark Festival.

Here at Spark we are especially proud of the spirit of collaboration we have been able to foster, where competitiveness can be set aside as we all work toward our common goal of growing and strengthening the startup ecosystem here in Australia. So in that graphic above, side by side, you will see the logos of:

  • hubs and coworking spaces
  • local councils
  • government and government agencies
  • universities and other organisations offering educational opportunities
  • accelerator and other programs for startups
  • accountants, lawyers and other organisations offering services to startups
  • industry bodies
  • startups, scale-ups and SMEs
  • angel and VC investment organisations
  • corporates across diverse sectors
  • conferences and other events

and numerous other people and organisations that don't fit neatly into any of those categories, but all of whom contributed something to the massive Spark Festival 2018 program. We ❤️ you all!!


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