How Do I Find My Spark?

We now have over 100 events in our 2019 program, with happenings across NSW between Oct 10-27. To help you "Find Your Spark" we've put together a list of the really practical sessions for you to get all those burning questions related to startups, entrepreneurship and innovation finally answered!

From finding out what is Intellectual Property and whether your idea is worth protecting, to learning how to market your product to ensure that you are able to grow out of the early stage, these events will be educational and inspirational to you and the whole team.

And what if you are thinking about starting a business of your own? Maybe you have a side hustle and you're keen to take that up a notch. Spark has panels and workshops that will not only show you that with just $169 it is possible to have an online business up and running, but also will provide you with heaps of networking time to connect you with organisations and potential customers. So start working on your compelling story, but if you aren’t quite ready for that yet, we still have your back with an event focussed on how to share your achievements and articulate your impact.

Come along and find new ways to spark at Spark!

How do I quickly hatch bold new ideas?

Oct 16, Sydney CBD

Tired of the same old brainstorming sessions? Want to learn a better way to solve problems and hatch bold, new ideas? Come along to an interactive evening and walk you through a series of thought exercises designed to rapidly generate ideas and distil them into solidified concepts.

How do I use intellectual property to add value to my startup?

Oct 24, North Sydney

If you can harness it correctly or cleverly, IP can deliver significant value and differentiation to your business. The more you know, the better equipped you’ll be to get the most out of what you’ve created either by yourself, with co-founders or when engaging with IP professionals.

How do I make sure my startup bakes in diversity from the beginning?

Oct 10, Sydney CBD

The Next Seat aims to continue the conversation around how startups can build effective boards that prioritise diversity from the outset, as well as sharing the stories of successful women board directors helping to steer startups through their high-growth trajectory.

How do I get started?

Oct 15, Sydney CBD

This panel discussion will answer all your questions about how to get started, how to work with influencers, where to focus your energy and your time, and how to avoid the pitfalls and so much more.

How do I take advantage of the R&D tax incentive?

Oct 15, Sydney CBD

A 1-hour workshop to get grant ready, learn best practices about how the R&D Tax Incentive works and what you can do to improve your eligibility. 

How do I scale after I've raised capital?

Oct 16, Sydney CBD

Have you just closed a seed round or series A? Are you just about to triple your revenue and double your workforce? Would a panel discussion on scaling your business post raising be of benefit, then RSVP now.

How do I craft a compelling story about my startup?

Oct 17, Surry Hills

This seminar will be an interactive experience that offers tools, lessons, resources and best-practice examples on how to craft engaging stories that spark a connection with your audience and grow your influence.

How do I get marketing right when I'm just starting out?

Oct 17, Sydney CBD

The startup landscape is soaked in myths about flying unicorns and overnight successes, but myths are just myths and holding on to them holds startups back from success.

How can I get my startup off the ground thru employee equity?

Oct 17, Sydney CBD

Speaking from his own experience, Detch Singh from influencer marketing agency Hypetap, will shed light on why this structure worked for his business and why startups can consider alternative funding options.

How can I start an online business with just $169?

Oct 17, Pyrmont

Contrary to popular belief, building a business doesn't have to be expensive! Did you know that with only $169, you can have an online business up and running? – complete with a business plan, logo, and a running website.

How do I market my product to the mass market?

Oct 23, Sydney CBD

Whether you work in a startup, a small-medium business or within corporation innovation teams, this free event will be educational and inspiring with invited guests from companies who have all crossed the chasm and all the learnings of how they did it.

How do I build a brand?

Oct 24, Sydney CBD

Rather than building a business and then doubling your effort to build a brand, do both from the offset and use your brand to drive your business strategy. This event will work through the questions you need to ask and elements you need to define to build a meaningful brand that is differentiated, authentic, distinctive and memorable.

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