How to Protect your Startup with Trade Marks

How to Protect your Startup with Trade Marks
Date and Time
3:00pm — 3:30pm AEDT
How-to, Getting Started, Growth

About this event

Your startup may have a wealth of valuable intellectual property (IP) that is worth protecting. From your eye-catching logo to your wider brand, there will be things that differentiate you from your competitors. As your business grows, so too will the importance of these intangible assets.

In this online session, IP Australia will present practical information about IP, including protecting your business’ branding with trade marks, what can and can’t be trade marked, and the tools and resources they have available to help.


IP Australia will also be demonstrating a new online tool that makes it easy for startups to check and self-file your own trade marks. At the end of this event, we hope you become more confident to file your own trade marks for your start up.


Meet The Panelist

Laura Russo has worked at IP Australia since 2015 and currently leads a team of trade mark examiners in the Trade Marks and Designs Group. She has also worked in international policy and cooperation and the trade marks training academy helping prepare trade mark examiner recruits.


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