UnCurb their Enthusiasm

UnCurb their Enthusiasm
Date and Time
4:00pm — 5:00pm AEDT

Innovation in the education sector: Developing world ready students & empowering educators, administrators and leaders.

This event is being hosted by an Australian leading innovation tech company, Nectir Innovation, & one of Australia’s leading schools driving innovation and entrepreneurship, Canterbury College. Nectir and Canterbury will share a successful journey of empowering students to critically think, collaborate & enable world ready skills across the student body and how you can replicate it. 

The conversation will delve into:

  • Why an innovation culture is critical in all business types, including the education sector and how to cultivate it from the inside out.
  • The importance of developing world ready students & empowering out next generation of innovators and leaders and how to do it effectively. 
  • Collaborating with an industry program to successfully drive outcomes for whole school change by the students and the learnings.
  • Technology to enable change and foster a culture of innovation.
  • Opportunity for Q&A


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		UnCurb their Enthusiasm image