Digital Credentials Turn Your Innovation Program into a Pathway

Digital Credentials Turn Your Innovation Program into a Pathway
Date and Time
4:00pm — 4:25pm AEDT

How to make your innovation or entrepreneurship programs real pathways by linking accredited digital credentials for future-ready skills.

In this seminar we will describe how to make sure your students get recognised digital credentials for the future-ready skills they learn in your innovation or entrepreneurship program.

Innovators need to be creative, and they need to be critical thinkers and good problem solvers. Similarly, entrepreneurs need drive, and they need to be good communicators, good collaborators, and adaptive. And curriculum or courses that teach innovation and entrepreneurship need to grow those skills as the first step along a pathway into the future-of-work!

But the real value in learning those skills lies in providing for students recognised credentials for the skills they learn. Embedding credentials that can be recognised by employers, or traded for advanced standing into skills or tertiary education turns a program or project into a real pathway into the future. 

At HCIC we're interested in helping students take their next steps along their pathways into the future. To do that, we help you measure attainment in all the skills required for the future of work, and we provide to students and for courses, recognised credentials and accreditation that demonstrates their skills and knowledge.

Applying the Human Capability Framework (used by businesses like IBM, Woolworths, Telstra, and others, and accredited by agencies like the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre), we use on-line tools to measure and credential skill attainment by students. Best of all - our digital credentials count. They can be traded for advanced standing towards Diploma, Advanced Diploma, and Bachelors level qualifications.

Importantly, if you have a course that is ready to go, we can provide you with an accreditation guarantee: Re will work with you to set achievement criteria so you can be sure that all your students who attain an agreed level of proficiency will receive a recognised digital credential.