Blast Furnace: Casual Coding Comp

Blast Furnace: Casual Coding Comp
Date and Time
6:30pm — 9:00pm AEDT
Online event
How-to, Getting Started, Community

Blast Furnace is a casual coding comp meetup and a fun opportunity to show off your skills and hang with other devs.
What you need to know about this event:

  1. Laid back, no pressure and collaboration is encouraged
  2. Anyone can participate! (It doesn't matter what country you're in!)
  3. We use CodinGame to run the comps
  4. Each challenge is no longer than 10min (often faster)
  5. You can program in your choice of 24 different languages
  6. Have a practice on CodinGame beforehand if you want to get a feel

How it works:
We use CodinGame () to run code clashes. These are time restricted (10-15min) programming problems that you can solve using 1 of 27 different programming languages including Bash, JavaScript, Python3, C, C++ Dart, Swift, Ruby and many more... see here for full list.

There are 3 types of problems we solve:

  1. Fastest: You win if you come up with the correct solution in the fastest amount of time
  2. Shortest: The person who uses the least amount of characters to solve the problem wins
  3. Reverse: you get given the inputs and outputs and must write the code to produce the given outputs based on the given inputs.

You get points for attempting each challenge and rewarded for coming in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. We will complete around 6 - 8 challenges over the duration of the event and the final winner is the person with the most points at the end.
Join us at Blast Furnace online for a few laughs and some healthy competition!

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