Oct 12-27

Research + STEM Startups

Startups are emerging out of university research projects from all over Australia. If you're a researcher or student looking to dip your toes into the exciting world of growing a startup around your work, dive into these Spark events and find out what it's all about!

The STEAM Room

26 October

Cicada Buzz | Fireside chat with Daniel Faber, Orbit Fab

13 October

Find out what's happening in Space Tech with Australia’s pioneer DeepTech incubator.

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What’s it Really Like Being a Tech Entrepreneur?

21 October

The ups and downs, the must d'os and what to avoid in Startup Land: with a special focus on the commercialisation of research.

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Quantum and the Future of Cybersecurity

20 October

Sydney Quantum Academy’s vision is to build Australia’s quantum economy by collaborating with academia, industry and government.

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Hello From the Year 2050: A hopeful future for the planet

27 October

A fireside chat from the frontiers of DeepTech, with Cicada and X, The Moonshot Factory (the radical innovation lab at Google parent company Alphabet).

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Sydney Innovation Festival

14 October

The University of Sydney, Australia's oldest university, and still at the leading edge of innovation.

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