Oct 12-27

NFTs & Web 3

NFTs - Non-Fungible Tokens - are the smokin' hot topic of 2021. Cryptocurrency has been a perennial program favourite since 2017. What's going on here? Is it all just speculation, Crypto-Bros and weird cartoons of apes? Or is there something to this whole emergent Web 3 thing?

If you're Web-3-Curious and don't want to miss out on The Next Big Thing, make sure you tune into some of the events below. Trust the Spark community to fling open the doors to the metaverse and welcome you.

NFT Sparkle - A Deep Dive Into This Fascinating New World

15 October

Looking for the Next Big Thing? What exactly IS all the fuss about with NFTs?!

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List Your First NFT! (For creatives and the creatively minded)

18 October

NFT-Curious? This event is a welcoming space for beginners, creatives, artists, non-technicals and folk from all walks of life!

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NFT's: The New Frontier in Art, Games and Beyond

20 October

Explore the opportunities for artists and creatives with NFT's and how creatives can monetize their work using this exciting new tech.

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Future of Payments from Rewards to Crypto

28 October

Showcasing the power of cards with some new and exciting use cases, from crypto cards to digital gifting.

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