Social Hack: IoT & Work

Social Hack: IoT & Work
Date and Time
5:30pm — 9:00pm
Lendlease, International Towers, Tower 3, 300 Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo

Australia’s first forum about IoT for Social Innovation

IoT for Humanity

Want good innovation? Start with a good problem.

This forum explores how human needs can drive responsible innovation and catapult Australian companies into global market leaders.

If innovation is critical to not just surviving, but thriving, then innovation with purpose offers utopia. The best way to become an indispensable brand is to serve humanity. Social Hack teaches companies how to innovate with purpose. Its mission is to help corporate Australia get as excited about developing our humanity as we are about developing technology.

IoT with Purpose

Technology alone does not mean innovation. Innovation is a new solution to an old problem. The bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity for innovation.
Join this forum to discover real Australian challenges.
Base your innovation roadmap on meeting unmet needs. Hear charities explore unrealised opportunities to make a social impact. Then learn from experts in public policy, impact investment and IoT technology how to create new possibilities.

IoT for Market Leadership

Is your product under competitive pressure?
Want your product to empower humanity?
Want to make it ‘smart’ and be a market leader?
Come and learn how to innovate your products and services with good IoT, and make a social impact.

Tools, eLearning & good IoT

Think about this – If tools were ‘smart’ enough to detect skills deficits and if they could deliver eLearning to a user on the worksite, what would the future of work look like?

PIIP and Benojo are proud to spark Australia's first conversation about how IoT can bring the workplace and eLearning together through smart tools.
Learn how smart tools can help people keep their training current and their skills relevant. Join us in a radical intervention to prevent unemployment through the application of good IoT.

This forum is for anyone involved in tools or education.

If you want to learn how tools, eLearning and IoT can help maximise productivity, please join us.
Learn how good IoT can bring worksites, startups and trainers together to meet the rising need of vocational training and continuing professional development.

Listen to the panel as they unpack questions like:

  • How do you teach young adults skills on the job more efficiently, so they get job-ready faster and transition into work more seamlessly?
  • How can mature-age adults access continuing professional development and avoid redundancy?
  • How can IoT unbundle curriculum, decentralise education and democratise training?
  • How can trainers push curriculum out to industry, instead of pulling people into classrooms?
  • How can smart tools appraise skills and help fill skills gaps by pulling in appropriate training?


5.30pm Registration

6.00pm Panel Talk 1: Understanding the Problem

7.00pm Panel Talk 2: Understanding the Possibilities

8.00pm Networking

9.00pm Close 


Martyn Ryan, Founder, Benojo (Moderator)
Barbara Burke, Partnership Manager, Raise Foundation
Adam Gibson, Partnership Manager, White Lion
Fiona Kraukil, Founder, Diversity Knowhow
Susan Shi, Executive Director, Vibewire
Tamer Galil, Senior Business Analyst, Woolworths
Nicki Hutley, Director, Urbis (Moderator)
Paul Keen, Chief Technology Officer, Airtasker
Martin Keetels, Innovation Lead, Konica Minolta
Renald Gallis, VP Ecosystem & Marketing, Thinxtra
More panelists TBC

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