Spark Festival 2018: Call for Submissions

This year's Spark Festival will run from October 19 to November 2, at locations all across NSW.

Run an event

The first round of our call for submissions has passed and we are now designing the program.

But we are still open to compelling event ideas: so if you have an idea for something awesome you would like to run on the Spark Festival program, please read our FAQ and then submit submit your event here.

Spark is an umbrella festival, meaning that most of the events on the program are run by the community, for the community. To find out more about the look and feel of Spark Festival download our ecosystem partners doc: all Spark Festival event organisers become ecosystem partners and are acknowledged on the Spark web site.

We welcome submissions for events and activities that support startups, innovation and entrepreneurship from across all of NSW.

Spark Festival is a not for profit looking to support and strengthen a community of innovators and entrepreneurs across NSW, and help to promote the people and organisations doing enterprising work so they get the recognition and boost they deserve.

We include all kinds of events on the program: panels and presentations, pitch nights, workshops, launches, showcases, networking events, hackathons and create-a-thons, events for children and families, even major conferences. Here's a longer post about different kinds of events you could start thinking about and planning.

In short , if you’ve got an idea, run it by us!

Sponsor Spark Festival

Sponsorship packages and opportunities to support the festival are available for many different budgets. Please get in touch to find out more.

Why should I get involved?


Grow your community by attracting a new audience to your event who might not otherwise know about your organisation and work.


Put your corner of the ecosystem on the map and show the world what you’ve been achieving.


Connect in with all the other people and organisations who are committed to growing a vibrant environment for startups and entrepreneurship in NSW.

Give back

At Spark Festival we are often inspired by the words of Brad Feld, one of the absolute legends behind the incredible startup community that exists in Boulder, Colorado:

“Building a startup community is not a zero-sum game in which there are winners and losers: if everyone engages they, and the entire community can all be winners.”