Web Directions Summit

Web Directions Summit
Date and Time
9:00am — 5:00pm
International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour
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Web Directions Summit brings together the finest minds at the intersection of technology and design. Our field is constantly changing, where last year's cutting edge is this year's commonplace, and today's best practice is tomorrow's old hat. For well over a decade, we've tracked practices, patterns and technologies to keep our audience up to date.

Web Directions Summit brings together the whole team, with two curated tracks, one focused on development and engineering, one focused on design.

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The Design Team

UX, IxD, visual, Web, Front End and CX experts, Art Directors, Creative Directors, Experience Leads, Design Leads and Design Researchers should all attend to hear these world leading experts.

The Engineering Team

We've got the whole front end development team covered: front end engineers, JavaScript and Web developers, engineering leads, engineering managers, devops experts, CTOs.

Leaders and Decision Makers

To round it out, our audience is full of smart decision makers, who know taking the pulse of what's now, and next, is vital in making the right strategic decisions. Two tracks, and a mixture of deep dive and high level sessions ensures there's something for you too. Meanwhile, outside the sessions, you'll find engaging showcases of technology and design to keep you thinking.