Financing and Pitfalls of Start-ups

Financing and Pitfalls of Start-ups
Date and Time
6:00pm — 8:00pm
Orange Ex-Services Club, Orange

After our inaugural networking night, the enthusiasm and interest in networking and building business opportunities within the region has been compiled into a Q and A type panel session.

The committee have bought together a diverse panel, with an extensive exposure to startups, marketing, financing, and business models.

James Triggs, Expert in Residence for the Bathurst Upstairs Incubator, will lead the nights discussion from a personal and professional level of experience in the start-up ecosystem.

We have four (4) panelists all with unique experiences and stories to tell of the Do's and Dont's that they have experiences first hand.

Zoe Hida Co-Founder and Business Development Manager of Appiwork. Has built a software development business, specialising in native phone apps for (iOS and Android). Appiwork was recognised as the Best Studio - Small - 2016 World App Design Awards. This has been awarded as they consistently achieve excellence in app design. In 2016 they also won best community app with YourLink out of the US and reach the finals at CeBIT Australia Technology Business Awards. Zoe and her husband have also just launched 'Everywhere Venues', where venues and spaces are able to be better utilised, through their social enterprise site.

Andrew Logan, (CEO OneCrop, Orange) was previously within the KPMG High Growth Ventures team, where they analysed and chose Startups and Scalable businesses for their venture capital funds. Andrew is now the CEO of a young business that is seeking venture capital and negotiating the venture capital juggle.

Olympia Yarger (Founder and CEO of GOTERRA, Canberra), Olympia is at the forefront of insect farming and exploring scalable processes to industrialise and discover the opportunities of Soldier Fly larvae (maggots). Opportunities of waste utilisation, bio-diesel and fish feed are amongst the key value propositions. Olympia has successfully secured a seed round of funding and is now scaling her business model.

Hayley Barrett (Digital Business Advisor for Central West BizHQ , Orange), has been a founder of several marketing, creative and website businesses. Hayley's position with BizHQ is to assist and improve digital processes within central west businesses to make business more productive and innovative.

The night will be open for you to ask questions of the panel. It’s about asking the difficult questions which can help you be successful as a regional entrepreneur.

After the panel session we will have light refreshments and plenty of opportunity to talk one on one with the panelists and other entrepreneurs.
Spaces may be limited, so please check in early.