Designing More Effectively for Social Impact

Designing More Effectively for Social Impact
Date and Time
6:00pm — 8:00pm
General Assembly

Design is being increasingly applied to “wicked problems” — problems which, because of numerous and complex interdependencies, are difficult if not impossible to solve. (Examples: homelessness, obesity, etc.).

While helpful, applying “standard” human-centered design strategies to address such problems tend to fall far short of the mark. Why is this? What is it about wicked problems that make human-centered design inadequate in and of itself?

Join GA & Spark Festival for a meaningful and interactive evening masterclass, which starts by exploring common characteristics of these types of problems and how to bring design to the process of creating solutions.

Explore how conventional approaches to human-centered design need to be questioned, altered and extended to be most impactful for wicked problems
Learn to question tried and true methods and experience examples of what such alterations and extensions mean.
Examine important considerations for how to be more effective when designing for social impact.

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