Web Directions AI

Web Directions AI
Date and Time
8:00am — 4:30pm
ICC, Darling Harbour Sydney
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Long a staple of futurists and science fiction authors, and the preserve of data scientists and machine learning experts, the promise of artificial intelligence and cognitive computing is now vastly more accessible via numerous "AI as a service" platforms.

Web Directions AI brings together designers, product owners and managers, business decisions makers, developers and researchers, to explore the fertile opportunities provided by today's "cognitive" services.

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What's Web Directions AI all about?

With AI APIs like those from IBM's Watson, Google Cloud, AWS, and Microsoft Azure as well as numerous AI and machine learning startups, adding intelligence to our products and services online is inexpensive, and an order of magnitude less complex than it has been until recently.

Web Directions AI, while looking to the horizon, is about things you can be doing today to bring tangible benefits to your organisation and users. It's not handwaving futurism, it's about the future that has arrived, but which just isn't evenly distributed yet. We'll cover:

  • the state of the technology, and what's practical today
  • the opportunities for designers to significantly improve the customer experience and create whole new kinds of services
  • the business cases today, to save money with existing processes and create whole new products and services.

Web Directions AI takes place over a single, intensive day, and features real world experts in AI and machine learning, with actionable, usable ideas to help you explore these exciting new opportunities.