Regional Sparks


Urban IOT Hackathon

25 October — 27 October
New Space, The University of Newcastle
The Urban IoT Hackathon recognises future urban challenges and invites cross-disciplinary teams from IT, Business, Design, Sociology, Engineering and Environment Science backgrounds to imagine IoT insertions, activations, integrations and solutions which benefit citizens, business, community and government. Book now.

The Unmentionables

24 October
Event Cinemas Kotara
Hunter Collective puts the spotlight on on 3 entrepreneurs who have solved a problem with an 'unmentionable' product. Sex, death and bodily fluids: it's all on the table at The Unmentionables! Book now.

Innovation Champions & Your Business

1 November
Hub Williamtown
Organisations are inherently risk-averse, designed to drive collective action towards efficiency and consistency. How in such contexts does innovation happen? An Innovation Champion is a key individual that has a significant role in overcoming organisational resistance to change. Book now.

An angel seeded a series of my early-stage capital adventures

19 October
Watt St Arc
From ‘Family Friends and Fools’ to Venture Capitalists, each potential investor has different a different lingo and expectations. Startup founders need answers ready for questions as diverse as ‘So when do you think you’ll be able to draw an income and move out of home’ to ‘What are your liquidity preferences and where’s the anti-dilution clause in the term sheet’. Book now.

Join the Dots for Innovation

31 October
I2N Hub Hunter Street
Join like-minded creative business people, innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs for a short and sharp series of pitches followed by informal networking to help you join the dots for future collaboration. Book now.

Startup Stories - Edwina Sharrock (Birth Beat)

25 October
I2N Hub Hunter St
Registered midwife, mother of two and Tamworth based entrepreneur, Edwina Sharrock is building an empire while helping expectant mothers give birth all across the country. Hear Edwina tell her story and learn how the Birth Beat team are educating expectant mothers and fathers across the country. Book now.

Startup Stories - Cindy Luken (Luk Beautifood)

1 November
Cindy Luken's startup story and her product Luk Beautifood are disrupting the traditional beauty market. Luk Beautifood came to life with Cindy's philosophy of ‘eating for health’ to beauty products. Cindy researched the science and manufacturing behind traditional lipsticks and realised it was possible to substitute the cheap fillers and toxic ingredients with real food. This initiative will be scaling clean, toxin free food active makeup across the world very soon. Book now.


One-Page Business Plan: an Introduction to the Business Model Canvas

25 October
Southern Cross Enterprise Lab
What is your value proposition? Who are your most valuable customers and key partners? What revenue streams are available to you? The Business Model Canvas, a unique business plan used by startups and entrepreneurs, will help you unveil the answers to these questions and much more. Book now.


Turning Trash Into Cash: Innovation in up-cycling

26 October
Funhouse Studio
'Turning Trash into Cash: Innovation in up-cycling' is an opportunity for participants to re-envision the rubbish around them, and to capitalise on the potential profits for both you and the planet. Book now.


Swift Startups

27 October
Zig Zag Hub
Interested in entrepreneurship and innovation but don't know where to start? Head along to Zig Zag Hub for an intensive, fun, hands on workshop where you will go through the stages of starting a business: from the initial stages of finding a problem, to developing a sound prototype reflecting your solution. Book now.