Why you need to know about Spark Festival

Why you need to know about Spark Festival

So a 13-day festival in Sydney and Newcastle about startups, entrepreneurs, the internet of things and all that type of digital geek stuff.  

Nothing to do with me, right?


If you run a business, work for someone else, don’t work and want to, or if you are a parent, a grandparent, a student or even a child - then you do need to know how your entire world is about to change.

Let’s start with an illuminating talk by Michael Priddis, CEO of a research and development firm, Faethm.ai. His address on how automation and artificial intelligence will have changed the jobs landscape in just 10-years, will rock your world.

That brings us to questions surrounding future employment for Australian students, whether they are in University or kindergarten.

There will be a massive workshop at the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (the Powerhouse for the rest of us!) where high school kids will get hands on with new Virtual Reality Technology, robots, drones and other cool toys.

And then on the next day at the MAAS, there will be lectures for the young entrepreneurs about how to come up with a new business idea and then, importantly, how to pitch it to a potential investor.

If you are feeling slightly uncomfortable about automation and education changes, then consider the well-advanced Internet of Things. The IoT global revolution is expected to see 50 billion physical things connected to the internet by 2020.

Understanding, rapidly adapting and capitalising on the IoT revolution will be critical to corporate survival.

Forecasts by leading financial institutions vary dramatically, but it’s estimated that the (IoT) will generate anywhere between $10 and $20 trillion globally by 2020.

For those of you who work in government, health, agriculture, security or academia there is a two-day event, with international guest speakers, that will bring you up to speed.

Check out the Everything IoT Global Leadership Summit at Australian Technology Park.

If you are a business owner, or you just work in a business, and you want to know how to utilise artificial intelligence at work -  then don’t miss this seminar by world renowned expert Alasdair Hamilton, the CEO of a Sydney- San Francisco A.I. firm. He’ll also be speaking about the current A.I landscape.

Then there is the very important matter of Spark connecting entrepreneurs with investors. See some of the ground-breaking technology and software that Aussie innovators bring to the table; or bring something of your own.

There’s a good chance you will see technology or software that you will be utilising in a few years from now, if the Angel Investors see potential.

Hopefully, you no longer think that the Spark Festival is just for geeks and you will consider coming along. If you do it may well just change your life.

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