Call for Submissions 2018 - FAQ

Who can run an event on the Spark Festival program?

If you’re keen to help create an amazing festival that represents the whole startup, innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, then we’d love to hear from you.
In previous years we’ve had events from coworking spaces, accelerators and incubators, from startups, from all sorts of enterprises that support and educate the startup ecosystem. It really is a very open platform that welcomes anyone looking to share knowledge and build a stronger ecosystem for all of us.

When do I need to submit my event by?

Asap :). The first pass at the call for submissions has ended and we are already working on the program. But if you have an idea for an awesome event, we can still make room for it. So, at your earliest convenience, please submit it here.

What's it going to cost?

There are no costs associated with being on the Spark Festival program: you just have to run the event and take advantage of the extra marketing boost into audiences who may not have otherwise found you, which you'll get courtesy of being on this larger festival program.

What kinds of event are you looking for?

The kinds of events that end up on the program are only limited by your imagination: We include panels, parties, showcases, keynotes, networking events, speed dating sessions, pitch nights, workshops, conferences, hackathons, launches, the whole gamut! Take a look here for a bit of inspiration on how to run a great event.

What sorts of topics does Spark Festival cover?

Spark Festival is a celebration of startups, innovation and entrepreneurship: It’s a very big umbrella! Please do take a close look at questions 9 and 10 on the call for submissions though to see the kinds of topics we are expecting to cover.

Do I need to have a venue?

Most Spark Festival event organisers are able to arrange their own venue. However if you’ve got a great idea for an event, but no venue, please do submit it anyways: We will do our best to connect an awesome event with a venue in our network.

Where can my event be held?

Anywhere in NSW!

What’s the selection process?

Submissions will be assessed by the Spark Festival programming committee, as well as the Track Leads. Preference will be given to events whose organisers demonstrate their enthusiasm and commitment by filling out the call for submissions thoughtfully and in detail.

Please don’t forget that Spark Festival is all about the give back: We’re doing this to share our knowledge, create connections and build a stronger ecosystem. With this in mind, events that are simply a pitch of your product or service will not be considered for the program.